Patch Notes: Crayta


  • PC launch: Crayta is now FREE to play on the Epic Games Store
  • Battlepass: The new Battlepass progression system is live! Complete Creator Challenges to earn XP towards unlocking items
  • New Hub: New Alien Conspiracy hub with new mini games, daily collectables and fun elements to explore!
  • Rail update: Game cards have been redesigned on the Play page to show game information underneath the cover image and there are now 5 games per rail on screen at any given time
  • Animation update: Refreshed existing player animations
  • Alien Conspiracy Creation Prop Sets: - Lots of new meshes including radioactive waste, warning signs, diner pieces and new weapons
  • New Voxels: Including Brick (Concrete), Cinderblock (Camo Netting), Desert Scrub, Rock (Mars), Corn field
  • In-game Editing of Challenges and Leaderboards: Creators can now adjust their UGC challenges and leaderboards from within the editor
  • UGC UI Scaling Support: UGC UI assets are now rendered at virtual resolution to better constrain their memory usage
  • More fonts added: There are now more fonts available for creators to use in game - Using Fonts in Crayta | Crayta Developer Area


Creation Mode fixes

  • CQ-8318: Duplicating voxels meshes in different ways results in different auto-naming conventions
  • CQ-8312: Client logs contain thousands of warnings about failing to load fonts
  • CQ-7872: Editor - “b” to toggle brush stops working if used in wrong tool
  • CQ-7858: Screen widgets not visible in template script folders
  • CQ-7807: Tags appearing in templates tab, but templates don’t have tags
  • CQ-7326: Double clicking stops the camera from rotating
  • CQ-7220: Meshes - There are Two Instances of Circus Cannon
  • CQ-7145: Pen - Paint Brush Preview Lags behind Cursor
  • CQ-6899: Issue with skeleton canon
  • CQ-6679: Basic Editor - Returning To Edit From Preview While Moving Camera With Mouse Causes Mouse Cursor To Appear
  • CQ-5490: Basic Editor - Switching Voxel Tool Size While Drawing A Line Of Voxels Draws Original Brush Size At New Height
  • CQ-6200: Advanced Edit - Changing the Z Offset of SimpleImage in the Template Editor Causes the Widget to Move Erratically
  • CQ-5726: Advanced Edit - Spherical Pencil Brush does not Display a Preview Prior to Applying the Operation
  • CQ-5008: Advanced Edit - Brush Tools Size Cannot be Changed with Scroll Wheel While Brush is not on Terrain
  • CQ-5005: Advanced Edit - Tooltip for Preview on Separate Server Displays an Unrecognized Button
  • CQ-6500: The selection outline for a selected object is also being applied to the character
  • CQ-5896: Drag & Dropping a template instance to another entity in the tree can leave the dragged entity orphaned from it’s template instance
  • The volume select tool now has the same size limit as the shape tools
  • New widgets are formatted with tabs rather than spaces

Play Mode fixes

  • CQ-6234: Animation - Sliding needs a sound effect or better feel feedback
  • CQ-6125: Animation - Rapidly Mantling Objects Causes the Mantling Animations to Either Not Play or Stretch Your Legs
  • CQ-6000: Animation - The Quick Mantle Animation is Jarring and Causes the Character’s Leg to Clip Through the Mantled Surface
  • CQ-7251: Animation - Mantle Animation Can Fail to Play
  • CQ-6256: Animation - Spinning in Place does not Animate Correctly
  • CQ-6945: Animation - Players Can Interrupt Mantle Animations With Emotes
  • CQ-6632: Animation - The Character can get Caught Between Two Surfaces, Causing Strange Animation Behavior
  • CQ-7479: Ragdoll - Opening and Closing the Navigation Menu Moves Ragdolls
  • CQ-8304: Ragdoll - materials on ragdolled players “glitch out” more and more over time
  • CQ-8066: Challenges show over the FTUE if you enter via a State Share link
  • CQ-7915: Challenges - Pop-up displayed wrong update
  • CQ-7892: Challenges complete and then un-complete straight away
  • CQ-7793: cooldown on actions not neccesary
  • CQ-7464: Gameplay - Player Can Use Social Actions While In Ragdoll State
  • CQ-7117: Gameplay - Orbit Camera Position Flickers Briefly During Most Mantle Animations
  • CQ-7087: Gameplay - Players End Rolls Toward Ledges Floating On Thin Air
  • CQ-7235: Sounds - Multiple Background Music Instances Interrupt One Another
  • CQ-6722: Players no longer shows up in Thermal post process
  • CQ-6626: Footsteps audible on invisible players
  • CQ-6255: Art - Aiming Down Sights with the Pistol Causes Clipping on the Cratyawear Outfit
  • CQ-4697: Emoticons - Using Multiple Emoticons Causes Strange Drone Behavior
  • CQ-7744: Sounds stop playing when you’re out of their range
  • CQ-7470: Orbit camera oddities
  • CQ-8309: VRAM leak and fps drops

Menu Fixes

  • CQ-7335: Update game card layout to move overlaid info underneath
  • CQ-7334: Increase number of game cards to 5 per rail
  • CQ-8454: Nav Menu UI button noises play over each other
  • CQ-8321: remove coh-inline from the nav menu
  • CQ-8319: All downloaded images in the menu seem to flicker intermittently
  • CQ-8311: No news should not show the news widget
  • CQ-7865: Settings - The Slider in Multiple Settings Menu does not Scroll Correctly on Controller
  • CQ-7762: Key bindings reverting
  • CQ-7333: Game card layout changes - Info overlay and density
  • CQ-6937: Accessibility - Colorblind Options Temporarily Disappear After Defaulting Accessibility Settings

Companion Site

  • CQ-8266: Add paging to my games page in companion site


  • World.Find FindAll Findscript FindAllScripts have had significant performance improvements
  • Leaderboards.GetMetaData GetAllMetaData GetMetaDataForGame GetAllMetadataForGame now cache the metadata after the first request for that session
  • User.ProjectPositionToScreen is now correctly marked as “Local Only” and returns nil us used on the server
  • GetSaveData has a new overload that returns data instantly rather than via a callback. The old function is now marked as Deprecated
  • SetSaveData now caches changes and uploads them periodically to alleviate performance issues with games that update save data very frequently
  • Client load time improvements for games that have large voxel mesh assets
  • Performance Analyser now tells you how many instances of a template, as well as how many entities there are in them
  • Fixed issues around the navigation of the performance window tabs
  • Volume select tools Duplicate and Move commands disabled with the selection over a certain size for performance reasons, will be restored in the future
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