Patch Notes: Crayta


  • Optimisations and bug fixes

Creation Mode fixes

  • CQ-9318: Fixed an issue with some Create assets not being visible - Tiles (Large Vinyl),Cinderblock (sandy), Alien Planet Inner, Alien Planet Outer
  • CQ-9116: Fixed flickering on some water voxels
  • CQ-9114: Fixed flickering corners on some bevelled voxels
  • CQ-9200: Fixed an issue in Create mode where zero-width spaces in html cause font corruption
  • CQ-8996: Fix to enable FindScriptProperty to find array properties
  • CQ-8421: Rate-limited Lua Leaderboard APIs GetNearbyValues and GetTopValues
  • CQ-7932: Fixed an issue where the player character sometimes can’t move in Basic mode
  • CQ-9363: Fixed an issue in Create mode where movement becomes unresponsive when deleting an entity while inspecting it
  • CQ-9340: Fixed a rare crash in Create when adding an event entry to a script property

Play Mode fixes

  • CQ-9212: Fixed a rare issue where players would get an infinite load while joining Crowd Play
  • CQ-9099: Fixed an issue which would prevent someone playing via Crowd Play to follow their streamer
  • CQ-8006: Fixed an issue where volume might occasionally be too loud
  • CQ-9005: Increased AFK timer for kicking inactive players
  • CQ-9129: Fixed an issue preventing sound effects from playing correctly under certain conditions
  • CQ-9246: Fixed an issue where mantling doesn’t work when a wall is by your side
  • CQ-9220: Fixed an issue where the camera juddered wildly if the framerate is not consistent.
  • CQ-9163: Fixed an issue where players could get inside voxel mesh collision ceiling by mantling
  • CQ-8949: Fix for twisted bodies appearing in spectate mode
  • CQ-9193: Fixed an issue in Prop Hunt causing very low framerate of player weapon when in first person hunter mode
  • CQ-9423: Fixed an rare crash for idle players
  • CQ-9366: Fixed a rare crash joining an Edit Game from Prop Hunt
  • CQ-9348: Fixed an occasional crash joining some UGC games such as Hyperion
  • CQ-9285: Fixed a common crash issue when spawning characters with widget attached at the beginning of a game
  • CQ-9153: Fixed a rare crash with UI dependencies
  • CQ-9132: Fixed an occasional crash caused by ragdolling while in first person view
  • CQ-9098: Fixed a rare crash on shutdown
  • CQ-9090: Fixed a rare crash in tracked achievements when transitioning games
  • CQ-9061: Fixed a rare crash when spawning actors
  • CQ-9044: Fixed an occasional crash when accessing the quick menu
  • CQ-8908: Fixed camera issue in Prop Hunt when players die in the elevator
  • CQ-8946: Crash on Graphics Settings menu with DX11 enabled
  • CQ-8951: Prop Hunt UI goes off screen in 4:3 PC Windowed FullScreen
    Cosmetic Fixes
  • CQ-9371: Fixed an issue where players using the small female body and the Raven outfit would lose their legs
  • CQ-9203: Fixed an issue where the the battle pass reward screen shows the player’s current drone rather than the new one
  • CQ-8168: Fixed hair items not displaying correctly with the Cyborg Head
    Website Fixes
  • CQ-9017: Resolved issues when linking accounts where it was easy to miss the change to set your “Crayta Name”

Menu Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where new Stadia players cursor could get lost on the terms of service screen
  • CQ-9040: Fixed an issue with game listing order after linking crossplay accounts
  • CQ-9211: Fixed an issue where blocked players cannot be reported
  • CQ-9216: Added a message for failing to travel to a server
  • CQ-8965: Fix for achievement wording not matching in-game terminology
  • CQ-9189: Fixed an occasional issue where service maintenance notice would not be displayed on player HUD
  • CQ-9169: Fixed a rare issue where the game could freeze on opening the Crayta Store
  • CQ-9050: Fixed a rare crash in shutdown from the UI