Patch Notes: Crayta 0.7.360.100590


  • The suggested games panel on the home page now makes better suggestions
  • Bug fixes


Creation Mode fixes

  • CQ-9159: Art/Asset - Voxels - Mud - Voxel is incorrectly named when placed in basic mode
  • CQ-9069: Art/Asset - Gray- Camera overly zooms on the cuffs during customization when Gray outfit is equipped
  • CQ-8992: Art / Assets - Abduction Emote Causes Non-Textured Avatar Model To Appear At Center Of Map
  • CQ-8968: Fix for Editor - Grouping In Template Editor Causes New Grouped Objects To Shift Position In Instances Of Template Already In World
  • CQ-8876: Fix for Server Crash - Server Goes Missing After Attempting To Group Entities In Template Editor

Play Mode fixes

  • CQ-9146: Hidden widgets “store up” all inputs, triggering them all when shown
  • CQ-9134: Crouch animation exploit (Crab mode)
  • CQ-9059: Patrol outfit combined with Zippy hair leaves some bald patches on the back of the head
  • CQ-9003: Social hub sky and water reflections flashing when AA below high
  • CQ-8641: Social - Crowd Play - Game Does Not Launch / Join Properly When User Presses “Play Now” Button From Crowd Play Stream With Game Already Running
  • CQ-9091: Fixed certain player ragdoll issues on death

Menu Fixes

  • CQ-9082: Main menu doesn’t letterbox on ultrawide fixed
  • CQ-9181: Fix for Leaderboards with no reset period all say “Resets in 86 days”
  • CQ-9034: Remaining XP until level up should show on Home Battlepass widget
  • CQ-9020: Characters lodding by default in character customiser
  • CQ-8939: Localisation: added new strings for show room item source
  • CQ-8865: Fix - HDR Settings work on PC

Edit: Added fix notes for ultrawide monitors

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