Patch Notes: Crayta 0.d3.48.110757 23/09/21

In green are forum bugs related to fix.

Stability Fixes CQ-12005 Fixed an issue which could cause a server crash when an action is player on MeleeImpact
Playing an action on MeleeImpact causes the server to crash - #2 by QA_Rob
Stability Fixes CQ-11957 Fixed a rare server crash caused by timeline deactivation
Stability Fixes CQ-11817 Fixed a crash which could occur when the player purchased the deluxe edition upgrade whilst in-game
Networking Fixes CQ-12041 Fixed an issue causing time of day to fail to synchronise to all players
Rendering Fixes CQ-11993 Fixed an issue where dynamic resolution would floor too often making editing difficult
Battle Pass Fixes CQ-12025 Fixed an issue causing purchased battle pass bonus to not apply correctly
Controls Fixes CQ-12037 Fixed an issue where players cannot select the slot on the action wheel when equipping a Rewardicon when using a controller
Create Fixes CQ-11950 Fixed an issue where UGC game cover images are not preserved when publishing an update to an existing game
Create Fixes CQ-11887 Fixed an issue in the API where SpawnPlayerWithEffect did not trigger a callback
Create Fixes CQ-11811 Fixed an issue in Create where templates remain visible in other templates when using right click edit
Create Fixes CQ-11741 Fixed an issue preventing the correct game image from being selected when creating a game from an Example Game
Create Fixes CQ-11725 Added atmosphere thickness option, allowing for the horizon to be hidden
Create Fixes CQ-11662 Added ability for creators to preview their loading screen content
Create Fixes CQ-11069 Fixed an issue causing the player camera to become tilted after moving the drone to a tilted camera entity
Create Fixes CQ-5240 Blocking a user now automatically revokes sharing permissions to that player
Create Fixes CQ-2809 Fixed an issue causing creation of large packages to stall the game server
UI Fixes CQ-12023 Increased the number of in-game images that can be selected for UGC Help UI
Cover image selection in companion and in-game only shows the 20 most recent images
UI Fixes CQ-11997 Fixed an issue causing missing camera transitions in the avatar editor
UI Fixes CQ-11990 Fixed an occasional issue where the level up notification stays on screen when the player gains multiple battle pass levels
UI Fixes CQ-11955 Fixed a rare crash in the navigation menu
UI Fixes CQ-11944 Fixed an issue causing the scroll bar at the bottom of the Battle Pass rewards to remain invisible until the player scrolls
UI Fixes CQ-11943 Fixed an issue where the editor the rendering settings override did not take effect
Editor Rendering Settings Override Broken
UI Fixes CQ-11686 Fixed an issue preventing the loading screen images section of game settings from being collapsed
UI Fixes CQ-10806 Fixed an issue causing the Battle Pass level progression to sometimes display from level 1 regardless of current player level
UI Fixes CQ-10732 Fixed an issue causing a rare crash when viewing Battle Pass content
UI Fixes CQ-9472 Fixed an issue causing some editor UI to become too small at lower resolutions
Asset Fixes CQ-12057 Fixed an issue with the music on the emotes ‘Shake Baby Shake’ and ‘Shuffle’ where they could still be heard in the navigation menu
Asset Fixes CQ-12044 Fixed an issue where the thermal post-process would not highlight players
Asset Fixes CQ-12034 Fixed an issue causing Rewardicons to darken the environment lighting
Bug - stadia. When using emotions
Asset Fixes CQ-12032 Fixed an issue causing characters to step on inappropriate objects like footballs rather than colliding with them
Asset Fixes CQ-11992 Fixed clipping issues on the outfit Softserve
Asset Fixes CQ-11946 Fixed an issue causing player eyes to glow on low settings
Asset Fixes CQ-11942 Fixed a crash when previewing the I Got Chills outfit
Asset Fixes CQ-11897 Fixed an issue where the Bear drone would not be visible in the battle pass screen
Asset Fixes CQ-11782 Fixed an issue cutting off the player shadow when using the We All Scream outfit
Asset Fixes CQ-11776 Fixed an issue which could cause the Lifeguard outfit buoyancy aid to clip through the player
Asset Fixes CQ-11774 Greatly reduced the particles generated by the Backfire spawn effect to prevent performance issues
Asset Fixes CQ-11727 Fixed an issue causing the Hexx outfit to occasionally have holes on certain body types
Asset Fixes CQ-11699 Fixed an issue preventing the bamboo voxel from casting shadows
Asset Fixes CQ-9474 Fixed an occasional issue causing the wrong drone to appear when using social actions
Text Fixes CQ-12086 Fixed a localisation text issue on the sprint prompt in Neon Coast hub
Text Fixes CQ-12046 Fixed an issue where the Help page details from the Play tab showed the word preview
Text Fixes CQ-11941 Fixed a name issue with the short flat shallow lift roller coaster piece in edit