Patch Notes: Crayta 0.d4.11.111118

CQ-12147 Fixed an issue causing a crash from recursion within Entity structure
CQ-12160 Fixed a crash on boot if the player is using gamepad sticks
CQ-12151 Fixed a server crash caused by creating a new template from an entity with an array of properties, if any of the entries in the array were unset
CQ-12145 Fixed a rare crash when making a change to a widget script
CQ-12107 Fixed an occasional crash caused by missing assets in packages
CQ-12117 Fixed an issue causing the editor rendering settings override to not work as intended
CQ-12091 Fixed an issue where players would sometimes be inside their drone on animation transition
CQ-12094 Updated tooltips to prevent erroneous Lua bindings from displaying
CQ-12102 Fixed an issue causing some voxel normal maps to appear inverted