Patch Notes: Crayta 0.f3.28.120518

Version number: 0.f3.28.120518

New Feature

  • Contextual prompts system - A system for providing basic control prompts to new Crayta players in UGC games
  • CQ-12973 New system added allowing for creator configuration on new particle effect - (Currently just works with Steam Advanced)

Bug Fixes

  • CQ-13986 Fixed occasional crashes, including those encountered while loading specific games
  • CQ-12969 Fixed a bug which was occasionally preventing the character from moving correctly directly after spawning
  • CQ-13998 Fixed a bug causing sprinting to sometimes stop working while using guns
  • CQ-14145 Re-added two sounds which were erroneously removed in our previous release: Golf_Ball_Hit_Wood and Stadium_Crowd_Ambience
  • CQ-13713 The Pose menu in Photo Mode now scrolls rather than expanding to contain all owned Poses
  • CQ-14009 Fixed a bug enabling Find & Replace to work when in read-only mode
  • CQ-14017 Removed the duplicate “Sea Shanty” tag on sounds in the Library
  • CQ-14039 The “Send Logs” feature now works correctly, rather than only sending logs if you have turned on crash reporting via the Settings menu
  • CQ-14045 Double-clicking on a word in the text editor now correctly selects the clicked word
  • CQ-14087 Resolved a bug which was auto-closing the Help menu when the menu button is released on controllers
  • CQ-14136 Fixed a bug preventing shadows from being turned off via the “Enable Shadows” option in the World menu
  • CQ-13273 Editor now saves whether you want to lock proportions while scaling or not.