Patch Notes: Crayta 0.f5.20.124108

Version number: 0.f5.20.124108


  • Updated social menu to correctly display Facebook icon next to Facebook Gaming players


  • Improved mobile experience on FB Gaming by increasing hit boxes of various menu items
  • Prevented Crayta’s platform onscreen controller buttons from being hidden when UGC UI is visible
  • Resolved an issue occasionally showing keyboard prompts when playing through mobile phone
  • Improved look input sensitivity on mobile phones
  • Added prompt in the nav menu to explain how to exit fullscreen when playing through Facebook Gaming in a PC browser
  • Updated icons to show touch controls rather than gamepad icons when playing through Facebook Gaming on a mobile device
  • Re-ordered input settings to display touch sensitivity at the top when playing through Facebook Gaming on a mobile device
  • Resolved an issue occasionally causing new avatars to be created without hair
  • Fixed an issue causing some UI to not be correctly hidden while in Photo Mode
  • Removed the “go to Hub” prompt when new players finishing their first-time customisation outside the Hub


  • Fixed an issue in the Basic Editor causing Photo Mode to lose its interaction buttons
  • Fixed an issue when moving between Edit and Preview causing the player to sometimes autorun
  • Updated API to include IsInputAssistanceEnabled