Patch Notes: Crayta 13/07/21

EGS - 0.7.587.106531
Stadia - 0.7.587.106531


  • New user experience changes to the hub and navigation experience
  • Bug fixes and optimisations

Creation Mode fixes

  • CQ-10725 : Fixed a server crash in Create where the player redoes a voxel fill tool action
  • CQ-10698 : Fixed an occasional server crash in Create copying from one template and pasting into another
  • CQ-10772 : Fixed an issue in Create where when editing a translation to another language the original language text is lost
  • CQ-10669 : Fixed an issue in Create where we can’t add a template to an existing package when that template references something in the package

Play Mode fixes / updates

  • CQ-10782 : Fixed an issue with the Mechanical Revolutions hub roller game where is sometimes gives the wrong times
  • CQ-10722 : Added a new user experience to the Hub prompting players to help them to learn basic actions and navigation
  • CQ-10906 : Fixed an issue where “allow players to join” cannot be toggled off in Crowd Play
  • CQ-10580 : Fixed a crash caused by orbit cameras when joining UGC games with multiple players
  • CQ-10706 : Fixed an issue where UGC UI icons for controller would not be shown when switching from keyboard

Cosmetic Fixes

  • CQ-10602 : Fixed an issue with Sprocket body cogs being visible when swimming in first person

Menu Fixes / updates

  • CQ-10670 : Fixed a rare crash from player input in the navigation menu
  • CQ-10909 : Added Play rail “Games to try first” for new users
  • CQ-10690 : Added a choice to new user experience so player can choose to play a UGC game directly or explore the hub
  • CQ-10754 : Fixed an issue where occasionally some battle pass rewards could not be equipped until the player changes UGC game
  • CQ-10575 : Fixed an issue where players cannot access the Battle Pass purchase screen except through having a locked item to unlock with purchase
  • CQ-10872 : Fixed an issue where the down arrow animation and click doesn’t always reset between EULA and Privacy Policy
  • CQ-10882 : Added “[Esc] Close Menu” to navigation menu prompts
  • CQ-10875 : Fixed an issue where the output scale button could be difficult to read due to not being initially highlighted