Patch Notes: Crayta 24/06/21



  • |CQ-10526| - Fix a crash when backing out of Customize menu after claiming bonus content
  • |CQ-10329| - Crowd Play issues should be resolved by Stadia side fixes
  • |CQ-10492| - Updated Store assets
  • |CQ-10573| - Fixed an issue where personal score on Mechanical Revolutions leader board UI is shown as decimal, rather than time
  • |CQ-10572| - Fixed player and camera clip issues underwater in Mechanical Revolutions hub
  • |CQ-10399| - Fix and issue where creators could regularly drop through start area when previewing Power Run
  • |CQ-10327| - Fixed a rare softlock when previewing Space Settlement
  • |CQ-10593| - Fixed an issue where player-drone transition no longer animates the camera in Create
  • |CQ-10335| - Fixed an issue where players may crash when loading into Artifacts Adrift
  • |CQ-10330| - Fixed a crash when attempting to join game after being removed from edit mode
  • |CQ-10580| - Fixed a rare crash where activating the the orbit camera can cause a crash
  • |CQ-10576| - Fixed an issue where creating two games in the same session created an issue in one of those games - leading to a crash on boot
  • |CQ-10352| - Fixed an issue in UGC game Power Run where the game is stuck in a loop after the opening cinematic
  • |CQ-10478| - Fixed an issue where the avatar rapidly rotates when chopping in Crayta Cooking
  • |CQ-10475| - Fixed an issue where player rotation sometimes looks jittery
  • |CQ-10579| - Fixed an issue in Battle Pass where XP until weekly threshold does not display correctly
  • |CQ-10485| - Removed an issue warping faces during ‘Revolutions’ spawn effect! |
  • |CQ-10455| - Fixed an asset on the Cowboy outfit not following movement
  • |CQ-10206| - Fixed skinning issues on ‘Guv’nor’ outfit when equipped on female body
  • |CQ-10520| - Fixed a tag for the asset Circus Cannon
  • |CQ-10472| - Fixed some skinning on Female Gentry skinning and male glove mask
  • |CQ-10364| - Fixed some hair icons being absent after newly purchasing the item via the store
  • |CQ-10297| - Fixed an issue causing some camera jitter when looking around while transitioning from spawn effects