Patch Notes: Cursed Galleons Launch!

EGS and Stadia version number: 0.f1.133.119466


  • Full first person animation has been added to Crayta to elevate experiences in games for players using this perspective
  • Mesh scaling has been added to Crayta’s Create mode to allow creators more choice in how they use Crayta’s mesh library assets
  • Initial NPC support has been added to Crayta’s Create mode allowing creators to choose from a limited set of appearances, play emotes, perform actions and more. Note this version does not support pathfinding.
  • UI Properties now available for easier UGC UI customisation and control
  • The Hub has updated to reflect new Battle Pass theme with new games and experiences to discover!


  • CQ-13686 - Coherent Gameface upgraded to
  • CQ-13373 - Minor UI improvements to improve user experience

Creation Updates

  • New creation assets for the Cursed Galleons season including new meshes, voxels and audio!
  • CQ-10467 - PlaySound() now allows pitch and volume to be programmatically adjusted in Create Mode


  • Expanded scope of global search including searching by asset reference
  • CQ-11906 - First time user experience polish
  • CQ-13965 - New setting to enable for crash reporting

Bug Fixes

  • Various security and crash fixes
  • Prop: Tree (Sequoia) and Rock (Alien) collision fixes
  • Outfits: Speeder, Jinxx and Demon Ringmaster clipping issues resolved
  • Drone Trail: Blaze thumbnail updated
  • CQ-13827 - Keybindings now correctly sync between EGS and Stadia
  • CQ-13371 - Resolved issues with selections of multiple entities in the tree
  • CQ-13228 - Improved load times for games with larger templates and/or lots of assets from packages

Community Bug Fixes