Patch Notes: Cybotanica Battle Pass!

Version number: 0.g2.53.127708


  • Cybotanica Season Battle Pass launch!
  • Various bug fixes and updates across Play and Create

Play Updates/Fixes

  • T120274566 - Audio settings are now stored locally to ensure changes take effect immediately on load
  • T124917205 - Resolved an issue causing NPCs to sometimes spawn too low
  • T120274572 - Resolved an issue sometimes causing NPC animations to stutter
  • T124586238 - Resolved a further issue preventing “drag and drop” from working correctly in UGC UIs
  • T125379811 - Added the game version number to more loading screens
  • T123460152 - Resolved an issue which occasionally meant player characters would appear to teleport around UGC content

Creation Updates/Fixes

  • T120274563 - Resolved an issue occasionally causing the game tab to disappear when switching the code editor window between split and fullscreen
  • T122871233 - When simulating an effect, the static editor version is now hidden
  • T120274582 - Updated icons used for Voxel Mesh and Template in the Package tab to match those used elsewhere in Crayta
  • T125270685 - Reduced performance overhead caused by using NPC templates
  • T124578756 - Improved API documentation for Widget/WidgetBindings
  • T125997622 - Updated collision on Container House - Frame
  • T126171573 - Added the Portal mesh for player use in their creations.


  • T125263129 - Altered the Agent outfit and “Nothing to See Here” emote, renamed the latter to “Smile for the Camera”
  • T124936133 - Updated thumbnails for some cosmetic items and creation assets to better match the in-game appearance

Community Bugs