Patch notes for (10th Feb)

Main highlights:

  • Crayta is now FREE to everyone! Tell your friends - spread the word! We’ve always intended Crayta to be free ultimately, rather than stuck behind a pay wall for some people, and then monetised in other ways that are a better fit for us. This leads us to the next point:
  • Progression being reworked: The current daily reward progression system is being retired to make way for our all new Battle Pass system! This new system will launch at the same time as our PC launch on 10th March, but in the meantime if you were partway through the daily reward system you’ll find that all of the remaining rewards have been unlocked for you when you next load up Crayta, so you won’t miss out.
  • Crowd Play Beta: We are proud to be supporting another Stadia feature with the launch of Crowd Play Beta. For more information on how it works check out our video here: Crowd Play Beta Trailer - YouTube
  • Ragdoll has now been added to Crayta: this is now enabled by default upon player death
  • Spawn effects are now a cosmetic item that you can earn and equip, and trigger through Lua
  • Customisation UI overhaul: We’ve had a big tidy up of the UI around the equipping and purchasing of cosmetics. Hopefully it’s a lot more intuitive and cleaner, but we’d love to hear what you think.
  • PC Support: You’ll hopefully have seen by now our awesome announcement that we’re soon going to be launching into Early Access on the Epic Game Store! In preparation of this we’ve been making lots of changes in the backend to support account-linking, cross-play, and cross-progression. If you nose around the various settings and account sections of Crayta you’ll probably notice some changes in those areas.

Known issues:

  • There are occurences where the framerate suddenly drops massively (in both create and play). If this happens the only fix currently is to restart Stadia, and the problem should go away
  • When editing we are receiving reports of maps crashing and then being unable to reload. The best way to get back up and running is to to back to an earlier saved copy of the map. Feel free to contact us in discord if you get caught by this issue!
  • coh-inline is showing strange behaviour (and we’re unsure why!). This is most often used in the notification widget, and for some instances the text will now be deformed in potentially various ways. If you have just used the notification widget directly then updating it should fix the issue. If you’ve customised that widget (for example by changing the font) or have used the command directly you’ll need to either a) revert to the original widget and then make your change again, or b) take a look at the changes to the notifications widget and make the same changes to your own code.
  • Texture resolultions on character outfits are dropping for some users. This is related to a vram issue that we aren investigating.

And now onto the biiiiiig list of line item fixes:

Creation Mode Fixes

CQ-7514: Change Spawn Effect API to be driven from user’s Spawn/Despawn player
CQ-7067: Editor - Can no longer select voxels from within a folder
CQ-7269: Massive frame rate drops due to filter: blur CSS in Crosshair widget
CQ-7109: Reduce the Lua CPU limiter
CQ-6896: Cannot make Christmas tree or tinsel meshes invisible
CQ-6869: Player collision detection with death plane changing
CQ-6723: Voxel “Tarmac (Rough)” is duplicated as “Tile Mosaic”
CQ-6312: In light colour theme groups of voxels display as grey silhouette (see pic)
CQ-7759: Publish - Games Cannot be Published While in the Editor
CQ-80: UI - Published Games Do Not Appear On Rails in Play
CQ-7726: Edit Templates - Test Templates are Visible in New Games Created from Game Templates
CQ-7714: Spawn effect is visible in template editor
CQ-7689: Fix spawn effect camera position
CQ-7488: Shotgun grip not documented on developer website
CQ-7476: ‘R’ to place character collides with the start location’s spawn effect zone
CQ-7470: Orbit camera oddities
CQ-7457: Mosaic voxel folder shows the wrong voxels
CQ-7283: Documentation is incorrect for ApplyDamage in Lua
CQ-7248: Library - When Opening the Mesh Library, there is a Noticeable Hitch
CQ-7237: Camera - Setting Player Camera Orbit Pitch to -90 Causes Jarring Camera Movement
CQ-7234: API - The fadeIn/Out Parameter of PlaySound functions does not have any Effect
CQ-7209: Effects - Smoke Ring Burst has no Effect
CQ-7208: Effects - Magic Heal Slow has no Effect
CQ-7204: Templates - Free for All Template Contains a Visible Nametag not Connected to a Player
CQ-7203: Templates - CTF Uses an Effect When the Flag is Picked up that Blinds the Player
CQ-7192: Lights - Spotlight Does Not Preview when Selected with the Shadows On
CQ-6941: Advanced Edit - Extrude Preview Does not Display on Water Voxels
CQ-6893: Advanced Edit - When Switching Worlds From the Advanced Editor, the Character levitates
CQ-6883: Advanced Edit - Player Cannot Move and Resize Editor Windows
CQ-6862: Lua help text disappears when entering parameters on a new function definition
CQ-6757: API Docs - No mention of having a “smooth type” string as last arg
CQ-6847: UX/UI - Add a Loading Message or Indicator when Player Presses Create and Enter Game
CQ-6737: Physics judder when enabled programmatically
CQ-6709: Detach the search light from its base
CQ-5619: Equipping a weapon causes the camera to flip out
CQ-3345: Widget uses Show() and Hide() instead of visible = true
CQ-7233: Editor - Setting “sunIntensity” to 0 Adds Light to the Scene
CQ-7156: API incorrect description for onTrigger
CQ-6870: Edit mode: eyedropper showing you what you’ve selected
CQ-5288: Advanced Edit - Players can no longer create scripts with Parenthesis in the Names
CQ-7451: Returning from editor preview no longer puts the camera back in the previous location
CQ-6888: UI - UI Labels “F5” as “???” when Hovering Over the Preview on a New Server Button
Relevant Bug Fixes
CQ-6889: UI - Sound Properties Show the Pitch can Reach 4

Play Mode Fixes

CQ-7711: Animation - Spawn effect doesn’t appear to work when seeing other players join a game.
CQ-7668: Players can sometimes become invisible
CQ-6940: Graphics - Avatars Do Not Render Below A Certain Height
CQ-7703: Animation - Trophy Challenge Animation does not Play when Players Use the Emote
CQ-7010: Voice Chat - Muted Players can be Heard in In-Game Chat
CQ-6972: Achievement - Variety Player - Bronze does not Gain Progress Towards Unlocking
CQ-7098: Achievement - Express Yourself - Does not Gain Progress Towards Unlocking
CQ-7735: Drone - When a player dies, their drone briefly spawns
CQ-7458: Camera issues when switching to drone during spawn effect
CQ-7449: Animation - Player can spawn in with legs too close together.
CQ-7299: reorder quick chat so that actions and quick chat are together
CQ-7292: Spawn Animation - Strange change in FOV when loading into a game.
CQ-7029: Performance - The First Input after Launching the Game Causes Significant Performance Loss
CQ-7256: Mantling - Mantling While Wearing the “Ho Ho Ho” Outfit Causes the Fur Around the Armholes to Stretch When Viewed from a Distance
CQ-7041: Cannot swim directly up or down with new animations

Menu Fixes

CQ-7295: Fixed rarity on outfits in item picker
CQ-7662: Details panel blocks a lot of the characters face
CQ-7475: Navigation Menu - Customization - Scrolling Down In Some Inventories Causes Top Row To Overlap UI
CQ-7435: Navigation Menu - User Unable to Purchase Item After Buying Enough Crayta Credits from its Preview and Declining Purchase the First Time
CQ-7257: Navigation Menu - Can Not Unblock Player after Blocking Them in the Menu
CQ-7222: Cannot share game, causes navigation menu to go blank
CQ-7194: Animation - Opening and Closing the Navigation Menu while Rag Dolling Causes the Character to Launch Out of the Map
CQ-7186: Settings - Binding Keys and Restarting the Game Causes Some Keybindings to Behave Incorrectly
CQ-6863: Navigation Menu - Opening the menu now takes a long time to load.
CQ-6719: Navigation Menu - User is Unable to Report Games
CQ-7661: Navigation Menu - Animation for Sprays and Drones do not Play After Assigning an Action and Quickly Returning to the Menu
CQ-7279: Customize - When Attempting to Equip Music to the Social Action Wheel, the Drone Displays the Alien Emoticon
CQ-7187: Gameplay/UX - User Can’t Move their Camera for a Long Time after Loading into a Game
CQ-7177: Live - Disco outfit preview image is different to actual outfit
CQ-7128: Navigation Menu - When Selecting Image for a new Edit Game, the Furthest Images are Cut Off
CQ-6925: UI obscures game link on a game with long description
CQ-268: Game Description Snippet Doesn’t Render HTML Correctly
CQ-173: UI - Join Via Code is Inaccessible when Using the Gamepad/Controller
CQ-36: UI - The Expanded Game Description does not Display as Intended after Using the “Search” Function


Updated with some more known issues…