Patch Notes: Harrowing High Launch!

EGS and Stadia version number: 0.h1.79.132582


  • Primitive shapes have been added to the editor, these can be used alongside meshes and expand the possibilities of what you can create.
  • We have improved the mobile and touch controls giving you even more flexibility when building Crayta games for mobile devices.
  • Your character and NPCs can now sit down or lie in beds using the new Occupy functions as part of the Lua API.
  • We improved the socket system and made it even easier to attach objects to your character or NPCs.
  • The Hub has updated to reflect new Battle Pass theme with new games and experiences to discover!

Note: In a future update we are going to be adding additional improvements to the socket system to allow you to see the grip slots in the editor mode (These currently do appear in simulate/preview/play) and adding a visual representation of your character in the player template to make it easier to align objects to the characters.


  • Added a new feature: sitting / lying down. Some meshes now have occupy sockets enabling players and NPCs to “occupy” them.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to desynchronise on death (showing “teleporting” behaviour).
  • Added scroll bar to the Pose menu in Photo Mode, to enable cycling through Poses without a mouse wheel.
  • Fixed an issue causing distorted shadows when attaching scaled meshes to players.
  • Updated quick menu with new layout, containing more controls (eg voice chat options).
  • Updated credits page to fix some typos.
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect input method prompts to be shown occasionally.
  • Fixed a bug causing UGC UI widgets to sometimes lose mouse focus.
  • Fixed a bug occasionally causing SFX to make sound even when set to 0 in the Settings menu.
  • Fixed a bug causing ragdoll dynamics to be exaggerated in certain outfits.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Photo mode camera to be locked in certain games.
  • Fixed a bug occasionally causing people to spawn in an incorrect location during their Spawn Effect period.
  • Fixed a bug causing the “back” arrow to be missing from submenus of the customisation part of the first-time user experience.
  • New “Harrowing High” cosmetic assets


  • Fixed an issue preventing punctuation and other characters from appearing within widget properties.
  • Source editor’s auto-complete list highlights more commonly used functions first
  • Increased the number of control schemes creators can add to their games to 10.
  • Improved touch controls, enabling creators to better service players on touch devices.
  • Added new sockets to the Crayta character for attachments, and deprecated the existing ones. Weapon sockets are called “grips” in the new list.
  • Fixed a bug preventing deleted voxels meshes from showing immediately on restoration.
  • Updated collision on some props to make it easier to select them within the world during creation
  • Added new Shapes feature, enabling creators to build content from basic shapes.
  • Fixed a bug preventing properties from being copied across when duplicating entities under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug preventing “undo” from reinstating text overwritten using the insert function.
  • New “Harrowing High” creation assets
  • Extended Lua support for sockets, with new functions to query socket positions & rotations, and GetParent() will also return the parent’s attach socket if there is one.

Note: These are only applicable to the new sockets, and won’t work with the deprecated ones.


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