Patch Notes: Mechanical Revolution season launch

Stadia - 0.7.509.105348
EGS - 0.7.516.105396


  • New Battle Pass and Season: Mechanical Revolution including new Hub
  • UGC games can now award Activity XP for the Battle Pass
  • Latency, networking and stability improvements
  • Crossplay friends support so you can be Crayta friends across platforms
  • Camera changes around sprinting and sliding to give more dynamic performance
  • Spectator camera improvements
  • Improved timeline support
  • Character movement improvements particularly while on moving objects
  • Server Physics improvements when under load in a full game
  • Lua API changes to allow mesh animation speed control
  • Bug fixes and optimisations


Creation Mode fixes

  • CQ-9418 : Lua API to control mesh animation speed
  • CQ-3936 : Direction indicator added to locator models
  • CQ-9620 : Fixed an issue where edit server could crash while simulating all
  • CQ-9919 : Fixed an issue where players would be put into different voice channels when joining a create session
  • CQ-9445 : Fixed a crash pasting specific characters into the source editor
  • CQ-9088 : Fixed an occasional crash in create mode
  • CQ-9338 : Community Bug - Extracting a voxel mesh inside a template removes it from the template and places it in the world
  • CQ-7211 : Fixed an issue where player movement is affected when using an external top-down camera
  • CQ-8985 : Fixed an issue in the Editor where setting a custom Voxel Pen Size causes draw preview and Grid Snap to be offset
  • CQ-10392 : Fixed an issue where Make Unique button is available even if the property doesn’t have an asset assigned

Play Mode fixes

  • CQ-9676 : Fixed an occasional crash when attempting to change games
  • CQ-9967 : Fixed an issue preventing players from following their group leader if a share link is used
  • CQ-9488 : Gameplay - Dying During Prop Hunt While In First Person View Occasionally Causes Player Model To Appear Silhouetted On Ragdoll
  • CQ-9060 : Fixed issues with ice voxel rendering
  • CQ-10117 : Fixed a crash when spawning

Cosmetic Fixes

  • CQ-9056 : Abduction emote tractor beam effects now play properly
  • CQ-8892 : Fixed an issue where cuff intersects on FBI outfit
  • CQ-10366 : Fixed an issue with hair and makeup thumbnails on the refund screen
  • CQ-10348 : Fixed an issue preventing facial hair from previewing correctly after equipping certain full body outfits

Menu Fixes

  • CQ-10097 : Improve feedback when game creation fails
  • CQ-8999 : Fix to ensure there is notification when Group Leader leaves the group
  • CQ-10078 : Improved navigation of EULA
  • CQ-10071 : Moved the Battle Pass level up claim button back onto the home screen so it’s always available
  • CQ-9558 : Added a “Trending now” rail
  • CQ-9355 : Navigation menu remains loaded for optimisation
  • CQ-9463 : Added more feedback on Battle Pass XP thresholds
  • CQ-9326 : Copy button added next to version number in help screen
  • CQ-8923 : Loading screen messages are more specific
  • CQ-8556 : Add “View all” text to rail button, and move it to the right
  • CQ-9995 : Crayta invitation does not send Stadia platform notification
  • CQ-9982 : Fixed overlapping UI elements in the navigation menu
  • CQ-9973 : Fixed a crash when previewing a spawn effect
  • CQ-9918 : Fixed an issue allowing a blocked user to send a friend request
  • CQ-8464 : Fixed an issue which occasionally prevented the mouse cursor from showing on first boot
  • CQ-10114 : Fixed an issue where spawn effects did not rotate with the character model when previewing
  • CQ-10319 : Fixed an occasional crash when claiming Battle Pass rewards
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