Patch Notes: Neon Coast Season Launch

Build - 0.7.639.110013


  • Neon Coast season launch with a new Battle Pass including new outfits, drones, icons, sprays, poses and much more!
  • New world settings layout and sky system that provides many more options and customisations!
    • NOTE: Most existing games will use the legacy sky system but creators can choose to upgrade to the new better system in editor
  • Improved gun play with new character animation, high-fidelity hit-boxes, more API support, audio improvements and much more!
  • UGC Help tools so creators can better explain control schemes, game play mechanics and even customise their loading screens!
  • Photo Mode and Poses has been added to allow all players to easily capture epic moments from in game while posing their characters!


  • New voxel materials for use in the editor
    • Brick (Glass)
    • Tiles (Swimming Pool) x 4 colours
    • Sea Foam
    • Bamboo Wall
    • Sand (Damp)
    • Sand (Churned up)
    • Concrete (Painted) x 6
    • Neon (Neon) x 4
    • Water/Swimming pool


  • New meshes for creators to use in the editor, including…
    • Neon Tube Lettering
    • Snacks: Popcorn, Cotton candy, Ice-cream, Tropical drinks, Hot dogs
    • Pool Party: Inflatables, Diving platforms, Beach ball, Pool ladder, Bar,
    • Beach: Beach shack, Shark, Harpoon, Life guard chair, Palm tree, Sea shells
    • Roller Coaster (kit)
    • 80s Sports Car (kit)
    • 80s Cop Car (kit)
    • Beach Condo (kit)
    • Inflatable Obstacle Course (kit)
    • and much more!


  • New music tracks
    • Cool Blue Ocean
    • Discotheque '84
    • Discotheque '84 Alt
    • Hair Rock
    • Hangin’ Five Action
    • Hangin’ Five Medium
    • TwiceAsVice Action
    • Wave Breakin’ Action
    • Wave Breakin’ Calm

Sound Effects

  • New sound effects, including…
    • Acoustic Guitar notes and chords
    • Beach sounds like ambient waves, beach-ball hits and ice cream music
    • Improved stock weapon sounds like gun shots, reload sounds and explosions



  • CQ-10299: Created a new Hub for the Neon Coast season, including improved first time experience for on-boarding new players
  • CQ-11621: Adjusted CrowdPlay menu to show more information (as agreed with Stadia team)

Creation Mode fixes

  • CQ-10323: World settings update and new sky system with many more options and customisations
  • CQ-10494: Improved Gunplay with added support for recoil, aim assist and camera shake, improved stock weapon assets and added support to stock gun packages for ammo limits
  • CQ-11484: Updated the UI for day/time editors to make them easier to increment/decrement by dragging
  • CQ-10852: Added GetWorld():GetWorldAsset() API support
  • CQ-10347: Lua can now open the Navigation Menu store page
  • CQ-10097: Improved feedback if game creation fails (eg invalid input for title/description)
  • CQ-10955: Split Vector2D controls out into separate sliders
  • CQ-10954: Enabled slider dragging and stepping for controls
  • CQ-11171: Fixed some creation assets showing a lower resolution / blurred texture
  • CQ-11002: Fixed missing materials on Stone and Space impact effects
  • CQ-10912: Improved the display of sound asset groups in grid view of the creation library
  • CQ-10278: Fixed uneven spacing between bars in CellDoor and CellBars
  • CQ-10561: Fixed multiple issues in the Creature Birds effect
  • CQ-10845: Fixed a crash when editing when editing large voxels groups
  • CQ-11269: Improved timeline synchronization between server and client
  • CQ-11048: Fixed an issue with server and client visibilty syncing
  • CQ-11633: Fixed an issue where OnSprintStart not being called on the player
  • CQ-11508: Fixed an issue with widgets where changes don’t take effect on world-space widgets in editor, and simulating/unsimulating hides them
  • CQ-11263: Fixed an issue causing voxel materials to display with the wrong LODs
  • CQ-11194: Fixed an issue where OnCouch would be called while the player was mantling
  • CQ-10910: Fixed an issue in Lua where the VisibleIF property attribute was not working
  • CQ-10233: Fixed an issue where Timelines looping caused visible popping
  • CQ-9639: Fixed an issue where setting widget preview aspect ratio to 1:1 prevents you from changing it again
  • CQ-11671: Resolved a UI issue preventing the removal of an asset from a package if it contained errors
  • CQ-11643: Fixed an issue with vertically-split source editor pushing UI preview offscreen rather than scaling it
  • CQ-11615: Fixed an issue where log entries from the nav menu UI would appear in the UGC console
  • CQ-11326: Fixed an occasional issue causing library thumbnails to briefly display incorrectly when switching between basic and advanced modes
  • CQ-11127: Updated the API documentation for the OnDamage function
  • CQ-11099: Reduced the number of decimal places shown for various properties throughout the editor
  • CQ-11050: Updated the UI for package reporting
  • CQ-11025: Fixed a server crash caused by adding nil as a parameter in the timeline
  • CQ-10911: Updated library UI to more clearly show asset groups as distinct from individual assets
  • CQ-10890: Fixed an issue causing entity property windows to occasionally scroll up to the top with no user action
  • CQ-10855: Updated the ordering of search results in the community tab of the library
  • CQ-10826: Added a new warning to show when there are errors in hidden properties
  • CQ-10726: Resolved an issue occasionally preventing players from extruding/intruding voxels
  • CQ-10604: Resolved an issue with the default Leaderboard widget code in the stock package
  • CQ-10565: Fixed an issue causing default components on packages that were created before they existed not to revert
  • CQ-10378: Fixed an edit issue where the innerHorizonAsset: “Space” disappears when selecting “Ocean” as the outerHorizonAsset
  • CQ-9935: Improved the timeline API documentation to include per-axis easing
  • CQ-9794: Fixed an issue in Edit mode where occasionally the drone does not appear during the initial animation
  • CQ-11481: Added warning icon onto array UIs without needing to open them
  • CQ-11492 Fixed a crash when switching editors
  • CQ-11232 Fixed an occasional crash on going to separate preview server
  • CQ-10770 Fixed an issue where cross-template entity references can cause a crash in the Editor

Play Mode fixes / updates

  • CQ-10494: Improved Gunplay with High fidelity hitboxes, Improved camera framing for firing positions, Characters now look at crosshair more consistently, Audio improvements to combat
  • CQ-10332: UGC Help - Added the ability for UGC creators to set up help within their game including instructions which can be viewed within the navigation menu, control layouts, custom loading screens
  • CQ-10464: Photo Mode - Provides players with a greater control of their camera to take pictures within Crayta
  • CQ-10443: Added new Pose cosmetic category for players to equip Poses for use in the editor and Play mode
  • CQ-9507: More networking and bandwidth improvements
  • CQ-10089: Added Activities to Prop Hunt
  • CQ-11042: Reduced the XP required for the first few levels of the Battle Pass
  • CQ-11039: Improved level up notification to ensure players are aware when they have rewards to claim
  • CQ-10978: Fixed an issue occasionally causing the player’s drone to vanish when they trigger an emote
  • CQ-11233: Fixed an issue which could cause player characters to rotate on the spot when ragdolling
  • CQ-11230: Fixed multiple issues with water rendering
  • CQ-11193: Fixed issues which could cause difficulty jumping on extracted platforms in Obby
  • CQ-11656: Fixed an issue where players could not swim down in orbit camera
  • CQ-11489: Fixed a rare issue where it was possible to clip through walls when mantling on a moving platform
  • CQ-11292: Fixed a rare issue where overhead widgets could go missing
  • CQ-11031: Fixed an issue sometimes preventing players from stepping up onto meshes correctly
  • CQ-10877: Fixed an issue causing UI buttons to occasionally be incorrectly highlighted
  • CQ-10806: Fixed an issue causing the Battle Pass page to show rewards from level 1, regardless of current player level
  • CQ-10646: Fixed an issue occasionally causing the camera to move inside voxels and meshes
  • CQ-10426: Fixed an issue preventing players from becoming stationary when speed multiplier set to 0
  • CQ-9961: Fixed an issue causing camera jitter during character roll animations
  • CQ-11324: Fixed an issue where overheads occasionally show the wrong team
  • CQ-11222: Fixed a crash that could occur on any game mode when the player leaves a world
  • CQ-11006: Fixed an occasional crash when building the player’s avatar
  • CQ-11726: Fixed a potential crash if the camera is not attached to the player
  • CQ-11601: Fixed an occasional crash when attempting to replace a Rewardicon from the actions wheel
  • CQ-11185: Fixed a rare crash when Lua kept a reference to a script from a destroyed entity then tried to access a property on the script.
  • CQ-11166: Fixed a rare crash synchronising property bags
  • CQ-11009: Fixed a rare with UITexture materials
  • CQ-10939: Fixed a rare crash serialising property bag changes
  • CQ-8768: Fixed multiple crashes from UGC UI

Cosmetic Fixes

  • CQ-10263: Fixed gaps visible when equipping “Elf Head” with certain outfits near the ears
  • CQ-10781: Fixed the interaction of some hairstyles with the eyepatch on the Captain Outfit
  • CQ-8624: Fixed a crash caused by swirl spawn crashes

Menu Fixes / updates

  • CQ-10859: Added more information to game details, eg first published, last updated, max players
  • CQ-11574: Fixed some issues with thumbnails in the Customization menu.
  • CQ-11141: Centralised asset thumbnails in the in-game store
  • CQ-10935: Fixed cosmetic issues with some customization options: Partytime! (outfit), Shaman (outfit), Glyph (outfit), Wicked (outfit), Choke (spawn effect), Electrifying (spawn effect), Tech Beetle (drone), Mischief (outfit)
  • CQ-10607: Fixed an issue causing drone trails to not be correctly filtered by season
  • CQ-10744: Fixed an issue which can cause drones to be out of focus when previewing in the store
  • CQ-10528: Fixed an issue where facial hair doesn’t turn into grayscale properly on head thumbnails
  • CQ-11697: Fixed a rare crash when closing the game shortly after opening the nav menu
  • CQ-10469: Fixed a crash after backing out of the Customize menu after entitling bonus content while in-game
  • CQ-10691: Fixed an issue causing items received from Battle Pass to not remain equipped until changing servers
  • CQ-11531: Fixed an issue causing UGC Output Scale setting to affect widgets and their hitboxes differently
  • CQ-11519: Improved messaging for users who are banned
  • CQ-10138: Fixed issues when previewing some Music action’s with the Music volume set to zero
  • CQ-7461: Sprays now preview correctly in the navigation menu
  • CQ-11018: Navigation Menu now returns to the “Play” menu after the user favorites a game
  • CQ-9328: Improved HDR settings screen

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