Patch Notes: Strength & Sorcery Launch

Effort has been made to link to community reported bugs on the forum where possible with hyperlinks

Patch Notes - Strength & Sorcery, 1-12-2021
1. API CQ-7511 Added Lua API for the battle pass to enable reading and displaying player battle pass progress in-game - GetBattlePassInfo
1. API CQ-12208
Added Lua support for calendar events: NOTE: Currently not working as expected
1. API CQ-12231 Removed unused old fog settings from the Lua API
1. API CQ-11916 Fixed an issue preventing CallLua run in scripts in a folder from reaching functions in its parents entity
2. Feature CQ-12047 Added support for community game Blueprints allowing creators to share starter games with other creators.
2. Feature CQ-12028 Battle pass is now freely available to all players with a single tier of 50 levels.
3. New Create Assets
New Creation Art assets:
• Meshes: Altar (Magical House), Anvil, Awning (Medieval Market), Banner - Blue (Tavern), Banner - Green (Tavern), Banner - Orange (Tavern), Banner -
Purple (Tavern), Banner - Red (Tavern), Banner - Short Blue (Tavern), Banner - Short Green (Tavern), Banner - Short Orange (Tavern), Banner - Short
Purple (Tavern), Banner - Short Red (Tavern), Barrel - Body (Tavern), Barrel - Lid (Tavern), Barrel - Stand (Tavern), Barrel - Tap (Tavern), Beam (Tavern),
Beam - Long (Tavern), Bee, Beehive, Beehive Box, Berry - Green, Berry - Green (Jumbo), Berry - Purple, Berry - Purple (Jumbo), Berry - Red, Berry - Red
(Jumbo), Book (Spellbook), Boots - Black Metal, Boots - Gold, Boots - Leather, Boots - Silver, Bottle - Round Blue (Jumbo Potion), Bottle - Round Blue
(Potion), Bottle - Round Green (Jumbo Potion), Bottle - Round Green (Potion), Bottle - Round Orange (Jumbo Potion), Bottle - Round Orange (Potion),
Bottle - Round Purple (Jumbo Potion), Bottle - Round Purple (Potion), Bottle - Round Red (Jumbo Potion), Bottle - Round Red (Potion), Bottle - Tall Blue
(Jumbo Potion), Bottle - Tall Blue (Potion), Bottle - Tall Green (Jumbo Potion), Bottle - Tall Green (Potion), Bottle - Tall Orange (Jumbo Potion), Bottle -
Tall Orange (Potion), Bottle - Tall Purple (Jumbo Potion), Bottle - Tall Purple (Potion), Bottle - Tall Red (Jumbo Potion), Bottle - Tall Red (Potion), Bowl -
Wooden, Candles - Stack, Cannon - Iron, Chair (Magical House), Chair (Tavern), Column (Tavern), Column - Bracket (Tavern), Column - Short (Tavern),
Counter (Tavern), Counter - Corner (Tavern), Crystal Ball - White, Door (Magical House), Door (Medieval House), Egg, Egg (Jumbo), Feathers, Feathers
(Jumbo), Fire Tongs, Fireplace (Tavern), Gauntlets - Black Metal, Gauntlets - Gold, Gauntlets - Leather, Gauntlets - Silver, Giant Bean Stalk - Base, Giant
Bean Stalk - Column, Giant Bean Stalk - S Bend Left, Giant Bean Stalk - S Bend Right, Giant Bean Stalk - Top, Hammer - Forging, Herb - Lavender, Herb
- Lavender (Jumbo), Herb - Rosemary, Herb - Rosemary (Jumbo), Herb - Sage, Herb - Sage (Jumbo), Honeycomb, Honeycomb (Jumbo), Ivy, Jar - Liquid,
Jar - Powder, Jar - Sticks, Lectern (Magical House), Magical Orb - Blue, Magical Orb - Blue (Jumbo), Magical Orb - Green, Magical Orb - Green (Jumbo),
Magical Orb - Orange, Magical Orb - Orange (Jumbo), Magical Orb - Purple, Magical Orb - Purple (Jumbo), Magical Orb - Red, Magical Orb - Red
(Jumbo), Magical Portal - Forest, Magical Portal - Mirror, Magical Portal - Stone Gate, Magical Powder - Pile, Mushroom (Jumbo Magical), Mushroom
(Magical), Pestle and Mortar, Plank (Tavern), Plank - Short (Tavern), Plank - Wide (Tavern), Potion - Health, Pouch, Scroll, Scroll - Foldable, Shield - Gold,
Shield - Iron, Shield - Magic, Shield - Wood, Sign (Hanging), Sign - Blacksmith (Hanging), Sign - Inn (Hanging), Sign - Magic Potion (Hanging), Staff -
Druid, Statue - Dragon, Statue - Forest Folk, Stone Bridge - Arch, Stone Bridge - Fence, Stone Bridge - Fence End, Stool (Tavern), Sword (Gold), Sword
(Iron), Sword (Magic), Sword (Wood), Table (Magical House), Table (Tavern), Tankard (Tavern), Toadstool, Toadstool (Jumbo), Tree (Bramble),
TreeBushesBerriesGreen, TreeBushesBerriesPurple, TreeBushesBerriesRed, TreeBushesLarge, TreeBushesSmall, TreeBushesWithBiggerLeaves, Wall
Hanging - Antlers, Watermill - Base, Watermill - Wheel, Windmill - Rotor, Windmill - Sail, Window (Magical House), Window (Medieval House)
• Voxels: Brick (Castle) (Walls), Brick (Cottage) (Old), Cherry Wood House Slats, Cobbles (Rough), Ebony Wood House Slats, Flagstones, Forest Floor
(Green) (Glowing Mushrooms), Forest Floor (Lush), Forest Floor (Mushrooms), Forest Floor (Orange) (Glowing Mushrooms), Forest Floor (Purple)
(Glowing Mushrooms), Lava (Magical), Mahogany Wood House Slats, Maple Wood House Slats, Pine Wood House Slats, Swamp, Tile (Rough Shingle),
Walnut Wood House Slats, Wattle And Daub, Wooden Wall Pattern (Blank), Wooden Wall Pattern (Cross), Wooden Wall Pattern (Left), Wooden Wall
Pattern (Right)
3. New Create Assets
New Creation Music:
• Sounds: A Midsummer Dream, A Midsummer Dream b, Old Magic Battle, Old Magic Explore, Old Magic Medium, Quiet Tavern Music, Rowdy Tavern,
Stick to the Path Action, Stick to the Path Action b, Stick to the Path Explore, Woodland Edge Action, Woodland Edge Action b, Woodland Edge Action c,
Woodland Edge Explore, Woodland Edge Explore b, Woodland Edge Explore c
4. Cosmetics
New default cosmetics:
• Pose: Hello Sailor, Hunter, Falling
4. Cosmetics
Battle Pass cosmetics:
• Drone: Sprite, Firefly
• Emote: Howlin’, Crystal ball, Rubber Limbs, I Can’t Hear You
• Emoticon: Fairy, Wow, Crescent
• Facial Hair: Curlicue, Trim
• Hair: Vengeful, Tuck
• Outfit: Red, Cosmia, Valor, Staghorn, Dark Phantasm, Mountebank, Folklore
• Icon: Amanita, Hag, Fae, Defender
• Spray: Toadstools, Crossed Swords, Fairy Door, Flaming Arrow
• Makeup: Magic Eye, Radiate, Bug Eyed
• Drone Trail: Sparkle, Wild Fire, Luminesce, Whirl
• Spawn Effect: Alakazam, Toil and Trouble
• Cuff: Beeswax
• Pose: Levitation, My Pretty
• Music: Mirror Mirror, Dust Ascending, Enchanted Orchestra Hit, SpellCasting, A Sprightly Jig
4. Cosmetics CQ-10497 Fixed clipping issues with some hair and facial hair
4. Cosmetics CQ-10340 Fixed minor visual artefacts on the shaved hair types with some colours
5. Stability CQ-12335 Fixed a common out of GPU Stadia crash on longer play sessions
5. Stability CQ-12147 Fixed an occasional crash in the editor when recalculating dependency data
5. Stability CQ-12358 Fixed a server crash caused by setting the user camera to a locator
5. Stability CQ-12326 Fixed a rare server crash when the actors were removed before synchronisation.
5. Stability CQ-12254 Fixed a rare crash when quitting the game or leave the current world during a level up notification.
5. Stability CQ-12244 Fixed an occasional crash caused by using Rewardicons
5. Stability CQ-12131 Fixed a crash caused by listening to LocalOnTick in a widget without a callback
5. Stability CQ-12116 Fixed an issue where scripts with defaulted array properties could crash the server when templated and copied to world
5. Stability CQ-11953 Fixed a rare server crash when getting challenge progression ranks.
5. Stability CQ-12154 Fixed a potential crash when joining with an incomplete avatar definition
5.1 Performance CQ-11998 Improved performance in the Creator console when printing large amounts of text to it
5.1 Performance CQ-11834 Fixed performance issues caused by certain particle effects
6. Create & Play CQ-11821 Fixed an issue where moon image was hidden in some background skies
6. Create & Play CQ-12518 Improved server synchronisation speeds for larger UGC files
6. Create & Play CQ-12374 Fixed an issue with sort order causing some window meshes to display through some smoke effects
6. Create & Play CQ-12357 Fixed an issue enabling some templated meshes to be erroneously editable
6. Create & Play CQ-12241 Added version number to loading screens
6. Create & Play CQ-12186 Fixed an issue causing the sun to reflect inside buildings/terrain
6. Create & Play CQ-12159 Improved the responsiveness of the Sprint hotkey
6. Create & Play CQ-12120 Fixed an issue preventing player characters from reflecting in water
7. Play CQ-12302 Fixed an issue causing Bamboo Wall voxels to be transparent when viewed from certain angles
7. Play CQ-11911 Improved readability of overhead descriptions by moving them to a 2D render pass
7. Play CQ-12590 Fixed an issue where avatar appearances could break if they were spawned / despawned each frame
7. Play CQ-12565 Fixed an issue causing facial animations not to play during spawn effects
7. Play CQ-12407 Fixed candle flame effect to reduce visible delay when moving
7. Play CQ-12311 Improved performance on first loading into the game so entities load more smoothly
7. Play CQ-12226 Improved the visibility of the help prompt on loading screens
7. Play CQ-11632 Battle pass outfits now show off with poses
7. Play CQ-11620 Game details page now displays the maximum player count for the game
7. Play CQ-11304 Blocking players now also blocks quick chat messages from them
7. Play CQ-10550 Fixed collision issues with certain meshes which could allow players to become stuck within them
7. Play CQ-8872 Added an audio notification when a player is invited to a group
8. Create CQ-12667 Fixed an issue preventing UI widgets from updating when saving their code.
8. Create CQ-12541 Updated the list of tags available for games
8. Create CQ-12359 Fixed an issue erroneously enabling creators to use unsupported key presses within their games for some users
8. Create CQ-12305 Fixed an issue which caused entities created during preview to occasionally remain after switching back to edit
8. Create CQ-12354 Added some missing key prompts in the Create mode top right cog menu
8. Create CQ-11908 Global Search Support in the Editor
8. Create CQ-12523 Fixed an error shown when installing the Inventory script to the user template
8. Create CQ-12437 Fixed an issue in Edit causing the pen tool brush to have a pink highlight
8. Create CQ-12401 Fixed an issue where the highlight for Extrude was difficult to see in dark areas
8. Create CQ-12399 Fixed an issue causing player template collision presets No Collision to behave the same as Collide All
8. Create CQ-12391 Fixed an issue in the editor when setting the mode in the pen tool causing the last setting not to be retained
8. Create CQ-12372 Fixed an issue preventing the Extrude from flooding correctly
8. Create CQ-12365 Fixed an issue whereby previews of games were not obeying the direction of the leaderboard (higher vs lower being better) whereas published games were, resulting in a discrepancy in behaviour between the two
8. Create CQ-12364 Updated editor gizmos to ensure they are visible under poor lighting and fog conditions
8. Create CQ-12363 Fixed an issue preventing 3D vectors and colors to be passed to widgets
8. Create CQ-12350 Fixed an issue causing warning triangles to persist after fixing the error that they were alerting the user to
8. Create CQ-12349 Fixed an issue causing photo mode to be affected by SetMoveOverride
8. Create CQ-12286 Fixed an issue causing rendering settings overrides to continue to have effect in preview mode
8. Create CQ-12281 Fixed an issue preventing the console from being cleared when previewing on a new server
8. Create CQ-12265 Fixed an issue making it difficult to click on entities in the world tree
8. Create CQ-12264 Fixed a rare crash inside the UI when resizing render targets
8. Create CQ-12243 Fixed an issue with using the drop-down menu to select assets in basic creation mode
8. Create CQ-12205 Improvements to preserve editor environment when switching to separate preview server
8. Create CQ-12200 Fixed an issue preventing undo/redo keyboard shortcuts from working in basic mode
8. Create CQ-12195 Improved Lua editor auto-complete
8. Create CQ-12177 Fixed an issue preventing creators from dragging a script component onto another entity
8. Create CQ-12150 Fixed an issue causing Lua tooltips to not expand to show all the text
8. Create CQ-12135 Fixed occasional missing textures on creation assets
8. Create CQ-12122 Fixed a typo on some tooltips on widgets/world tab in Create mode
8. Create CQ-12115 Fixed some typos in individual audio notes (eg E4 being listed as E3)
8. Create CQ-12114
Added remove mode to the voxel fill tool. When using the fill tool there is now a submenu allowing you to choose between add and remove mode.
When active, remove mode places empty voxels instead of the one you currently have selected.
8. Create CQ-12063 Added a Help menu at the top of some editor panes and a Go to API Docs button.
8. Create CQ-12062 Increased the availability of ‘?’ links from the property editor to the API docs.
8. Create CQ-12039 Fixed an issue with some text boxes not saving input when the user presses tab to get to the next field
8. Create CQ-11837 Updated the conveyor belt animations so that they interact more cleanly with the animation Lua API
8. Create CQ-11819 Fixed an issue where moving an entity by camera instead of cursor did not update it’s position
8. Create CQ-11815 Fixed an issue causing the include diagonals option in Extrude to include everything within its plane
8. Create CQ-11769 Reduced the verbosity on changing colour properties on entities in basic mode
8. Create CQ-11744
Propellor plane is now split up into 4 separate create assets:
• PropellerPlane(template)
• PropellerPlaneBody
• PropellerPlanePropeller
• PropellerPlaneTyre
8. Create CQ-11653 Fixed an issue causing entity hierarchies to full open following a copy & paste
8. Create CQ-11347 Moved hotbar related inputs to Gameplay section of Bindings menu (from Editor)
8. Create CQ-11014 Resolved an issue which occasionally prevented CSS color changes from propagating correctly across multiple instances of a widget
8. Create CQ-12347 Fixed some LOD issues with the Gingerbread Man and Woman causing them to appear incorrectly at certain distances
8. Create CQ-12291 Fixed an issue causing a blank tooltip when hovering over a script component
8. Create CQ-12290 Fixed an issue where scrolling mouse wheel in advanced mode moves nameplate
8. Create CQ-12199 Fixed an issue allowing multiple selection in the basic mode world tree
8. Create CQ-12192 Fixed an issue with the Anti-Gravity Gun tag not displaying correctly in the editor
8. Create CQ-12134 Updated thumbnails for some creation assets and cosmetics to resolve issues with blurriness or lighting
8. Create CQ-12048 Fixed an indexing from 0 instead of 1 bug in the pickupSchedulerScript in the Pickup Scheduler package
8. Create CQ-11611 Fixed an issue sometimes preventing copy/paste after mult-selecting entities in the world
8. Create CQ-11585 Fixed an issue which will now allow photo mode to be toggleable by creators per world
9. UI CQ-12558 Fixed an issue causing the output scale to sometimes be inaccurate for new users
9. UI CQ-10748 Added a pop-up warning to disable HDR when colour blindness settings are enabled
9. UI CQ-12293 Fixed an issue which was causing keyboard keys to show incorrectly laid out in the DVORAK keyboard locale.
9. UI CQ-12156 Fixed an issue occasionally causing the contents of the navigation menu to not load
9. UI CQ-11871 Added an acknowledgement that a Player Support ticket has been sent
9. UI CQ-11865 Fixed an issue causing switching languages to sometimes not update all Crayta content to the new language
9. UI CQ-11780 Added a player setting for default camera zoom level
9. UI CQ-6720 Fixed an issue in the navigation menu where the Create menu would appear empty after deleting a game
9. UI CQ-12101 Fixed an issue with new elements causing them to lose body text when selected
9. UI CQ-7803 Fixed an issue when filtering the Create page to only Archived games this would persist after the filter was cleared.