Patch Notes: Tabletop Champs Launch (0.i1.86.138001)


  • Our latest season TABLETOP CHAMPS is here!
  • New creation assets and free battle pass
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes


  • EGS players may now block other EGS players through Crayta’s social menu
  • Added new Tabletop Champs Battle Pass and customisation assets
  • Asset fixes to various Drones and creation assets
  • When jumping straight into a game using share links, the game’s loading screen
    is now shown if available instead of the Crayta general loading screen
  • Added ability to search on the Bindings settings screen


  • Added new Tabletop Champs creation assets
  • Added a platform selector to enable previewing on particular platforms (eg
  • Added animations which were missing from Container House - Front Door (Left)
    and Container House - Front Door (Right).
  • Added ability to drag to the gizmo in Advanced Mode
  • Enabled “live update” of particle effects, so that changes take effect
    immediately while previewing on loop
  • Resolved an issue occasionally preventing moving into your Drone in Basic Mode
    when returning from Preview
  • Resolved an issue causing property links to become broken when using
    SetAlive(false) on an NPC
  • Resolved an issue with property group folding
  • Resolved an issue causing entity icons to be scaled when the asset located by
    the icon is scaled
  • Fixed a bug causing the NPC script to be removed when it was killed
  • Drone position is now remembered between sessions in Advanced Mode
  • The Tears makeup option is now available for NPC use
  • Performance optimisations to worlds containing many templates