Patch notes

I’d like to be able to add patch notes when pushing an update to a game.

I’m imagining a new tab when you’re updating the game that just says “What did you change?”, with a text box. You fill that out, submit the game, and then your game page will have a section that aggregates all of your updates you’ve every pushed with the date and description.


Patch Notes:

January 6, 2021
Shovelled the driveway

December 25, 2020
Checked the naughty and nice list
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i see some people update the post they made in the gamereleases forum with their patch notes.

on russ’s stream today, he suggested patch notes could appear on a splash screen. it’s displayed when the game loads. Andy’s UI tutorial has an example of a splash screen.

Hi Cereal - this sounds like a good candidate for a feature request, rather than a bug report - Feature Requests - Crayta

I definitely thought I was in the feature request board. Sorry about that.