Path of Yin Yang - Global Game Jam 2022

Greetings and well met!

Here we post the game we created for the Duality Jam. It is our first game, we have been playing just a few weeks in Crayta and we are very proud of what we did with the little knowledge we actually have on game developing and with Crayta editing tools.

We wanted to add some interesting lore to the game as we believe it is a good thing to make games fun and educative at the same time, if possible. We strongly believe in videogames as a way not only to have fun but also to learn new useful things that we can apply to our lifes.

We want to thank @Vicentek and @unairf for the spanish crayta lessons, as they are making it possible for us to start developing our ideas with the little time we have. We appreaciate a lot the job they are doing and wish we can learn a lot of new things with this lessons.

We wish you all the better and hope you like and appreciate our first game and the games we have in mind to release in future.

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