Peasants and Workers

With this package you will be able to spawn and manage workers for your living city! Workers have a simple system to avoid obstacles and remember the right path.


  • User folder + management widget
  • Npc peasant template
  • Peasants base template + resource widgets
  • Resource points example templates ( wood, food, stone, crystal, test)

How to setup?
First of all, i have to say, the uploading process was a mess, but i am trying to explain as easy as possible here :grin:
1: Look for ’ Peasant and workers, and Install

2: Drag and drop ‘PeasantUserFolder’ to User template

3: Add as many as resource points / types you want

4: Ready! You can now assign your first worker


  • I tried to add as much options as i could to you will be able customize the package to fit your city…
    These are main:
    Userfolder template >> Base template and button binded to access the menu
    Base template >> Locators for npc spawn, resource widget and NPC template to spawn
    NPC template >> 2 scripts:
    script: sc_npcPeasant
    3 categories: Custom, Behaviour, Visuals
  • Custom: name, velocity of movement, and by default, excluded entities
  • Behaviour: parammeters to avoid obstacles and EVENTS, when reset or work
  • Visuals: You customize to see the path and ‘learnt’ path

script: sc_npcWork

  • Custom: State icons (look for, path, work, sleep) and maximun LOAD accepted

Resource Point >> resource name, choose resource icon (custom/crayta), resource quantity, sfx and work events


  • The base is auto spawned at the begining in player position. Maybe you wold like to change this
  • The button binded by default is ‘primary’, LMB
  • The system can handle some minor obstacles turning or going up/down a little, dont bully it! ^^
  • The system work better if resource art point is made by uncollide assets, but is not mandatory
  • The system auto manage resource icons just grabbing them from resource points

Any question, comment or bug please dm me!! its my first crayta package! Silva#2625

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