Peer to peer scoreboard

Peer to peer scoreboard is a persistent high score UI based on every user’s knowledge about a game’s high score so far. Each user records her own version, and is shared with her peers once in the same game. In other words, it’s the high score board based on what the user has “heard” of.

It has been stress tested in a semi-popular game last week, and has been working well.

Find the package by searching “P2P Scoreboard” by wzq.
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Install and drag the P2pScoreboard template into the User template.
Screenshot from 2020-07-25 07-28-21

Configure your game to call function UpdateCurrentUserScore(score) with a new score in Lua or via event. It does not need to be the highest score. The pacakge will figure it out automatically.
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P2pScoreboard relies on P2pTable in the backend for peer to peer data sharing. Optionally, you may configure maxTableLength to change the number of records stored, and mergeMethod to change behavior of how tables from different users are merged. So, it doesn’t have to strictly be a “leader” board.
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Using this in my game Hyperion, works great!

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Awesome! Looks great in your game. I was a top hyperion champion until someone jumped into the game, and put 10 people ahead of me :slight_smile:

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