Persistent Collectibles

Stadia Name: Vilva#9953
Package Name: Persistent Collectibles
Package Description: Lets you add items into your game that the player can collect. Each item can only be collected once (for each Player) and is persisted in User Data. The collectible will turn inactive and music will stop playing. Includes a widget to show how many items you found and a method to reset collected items.

This package includes the “Local Handler” package by AdamO.

Showcase game: Crayta

Installation instructions

  • Place the “UserCollectiblesTemplate” template under your User template.
  • Drag the “Collectible” template into your game world. You can use as many as you want, but make sure to increase the “Collectible Id” property on each template root object.

Supports the follwing Challenge-Event

  • collectible - Fires whenever a Collectible is picked up

How to reset User Data

  • If you want to set a User back to 0 Collectibles, add a trigger and call this function: “CollectibleSaveDataManager:ResetCollectibleRequest()”.


  • The “Local Handler” package is included as a dependency. Special thanks to AdamO

Questions, feedback or feature requests?
Please ask in Discord - Vilva#5980


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