Pet Duck

The Pet Duck package allows creators to add a pet duck to the game world.

Step 1
Add the Duck, and the DuckPhysicsBody, to the game world.

Step 2
Make sure the onInteract event on the Duck is bound to the following:

  • duckPhysicsBody / FollowPlayer / SetOwner
  • duck / MatchPosition / Start
  • duck / LookAt / SetTarget

Step 3
Make sure the property for the MatchPosition script on the duck is set to duckPhysicsBody

Depending on the popularity of the Package, I can look at adding:

  • Duck stops before it reaches the player
  • Duck’s acceleration is editable
  • Duck’s maximum speed is editable
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Hi Andy, I’m trying to use this package, but I’m having difficulty setting it up.
I set everything like you mentioned:


Any idea what I missed?