Physics bug where objects go through voxels sometimes (Depends on power I believe)

This is my level where the fire balls will go through walls, I did some testing and if I increase the throwing power then the ball goes through 100% of the times.

At the moment the throwing power is to my liking and the balls go through walls instead of bouncing about 10-15% of the time.

I was thinking of just doing “if ball is -1000 Y axis then spawn at locator” as a workaround but I don’t know or want to script in Lua.

Instead I just added a lot of fireballs into the game to make the games last longer per session.

This is an issue with our physics engine I’m afraid, but as you’ve stated you can fix this issue using a simple LUA script for your game! We are working on fixing it, but I can’t say to when that’ll be.

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I encountered something similar and like QA_Rob and also AdamO on Discord said, that’s a problem of the server side physics engine.

When an entity with high velocity hits a barrier (like a wall or floor), the entity sometimes glitches through. They are then stuck within the barrier but continue moving in their direction until they pop out on the other side.
It seems the physics engine cannot keep up with updating the entities position and collision detection at higher speeds and therefore it can get placed within another entity or voxel.

For example:
I created some sort of volleyball game with physics enabled balls. The higher a ball get kicked, the deeper it has to fall and therefore the faster it gets. When it hits the floor sometimes the ball just disappears. After investigating and placing a trigger volume within the floor and printing out the balls position I realized: The ball smashed right into the floor and followed its falling direction until it popped out of the trigger volume on the other side.

(My current workaround is to reset the Z position of the ball to above floor-level every time it gets detected by said trigger volume. But that’s quite inconvenient and doesn’t really work with more complex surfaces.)

Great to hear that it is being worked on!