Pin for parenting world tree organization

When building up areas, the world tree can get pretty messy very quickly. When we have time to go back and start organizing it, it’s a bit of a slog to move entities to a parent to get them organized at the current moment. The process involves either:

A) Dragging the entity to another entity to child it from a very long list of world entities, bound to scroll passed it accidently. Holding down the mouse button and scrolling with your other hand up and down a large list of entities several times.
B) Rename everything one by one to add some identifier to it so you can filter by that identifier and create the parent/child relationship.

A QOL improvement to this and to encourage a healthy/organized world tree could be having the ability to pin a parent entity to your sidebar so you can easily drop child items onto it to create a child relationship to that parent. Often a parent will be either the voxel mesh or locator and everything will follow under it and you can easily scroll along the list and drop everything onto the pinned entity. This could reduce something that takes several minutes for each parent to just a couple seconds. Pin the parent, select all the children - drop it on the parent, done!

Thank you for reading.


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