Pirate Ship - Adam O

Name: Pirate Ship - Adam O
By AdamO on Discord

This package contains a large, 3-deck ship using the latest assets from the Cursed Galleons season, with animated sails and flags. It’s very similar to the ship used in the Cursed Galleons Hub (although slightly more detailed).

2 main templates are included:


  • This is just the ship structure, as shown in the image above.
  • It consists of about 750 entities.
  • It also includes the sea voxels, which have been cut to shape around the hull of the ship so that it’s slightly sunk. If you want to place this ship into water in your world, it’s recommended that you cut a hole in your own sea voxels, place this ship in and merge in the provided sea voxel mesh to your sea, so that the cut out gap is done for you (allowing players to walk around the bottom deck, which is below the water line).


  • This can be added as a child of the PirateShip, and contains dressing for all 3 decks as well as some detailing on the outside of the ship, such as glass buoys.
  • It consists of about 570 entities.

Note that this ship is very complex / high entity count, so it’s not recommended that you have more than 1 in your game (or, no more than 2 if they’re without the dressing).