Platform Lift Package

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README Platform Lift


call a platform to lift between two points.

Requirements: (optional)

  • Crayta Prompts (for interact prompt)
  • supports any package looking for GetInteractPrompt(prompts) function


  • one script locator
  • two call boxes
  • two locators
  • one platform
  • one trigger on platform


  • place Controller
  • move callPlatform triggers (2)
  • move platformStop locators (2)
  • adjust platformSpeed in seconds
  • platform will start at platformStop1

Call Platform

  • the trigger is required
  • the mesh below the trigger was used only a visual aid to identify where the trigger is


  • this is the platform that moves from Stop1 to Stop2
  • it travels in a line up/down, side to side, point a to point b
  • be creative, it be an elevator or a barge

Interact in trigger (any)

  • will engage the lift
  • requires lift to be at a locator

Set Interact Prompt Script

  • this script is in each trigger to show GetInteractPrompt(prompts) data
  • adjust to each instance

Prompts (install Crayta Prompts)

  • configured for prompts package
  • displays call lift or engage lift

Engage Sound

  • this is attached to the platform
  • the sound will travel up and down as the platform does


  • README is on Controller
  • Script is located on platform trigger


2022-02-19 Initial Release
2022-02-20 Fixed Interact prompts on trigger enter/exit
2022-02-24 Added Interact in callPlatform section
2022-07-02 Fixed prompt showing to engage lift when moving
2022-07-03 Moved loctors under platformLift and recoded script
2022-07-07 Updated README