Play Multiple Sounds

Add an array of sounds and call the play function to play them all. You can also stop the sounds using the stop function (if any sounds are looping e.g. music or ambience).

Start Delay

Pause this amount of time (in seconds) before starting to play sounds.

Stagger Delay

You can also specify the amount of time to wait between playing each sound. This is formatted as an array. The first sound will play after time specified in start delay, and then each subsequent sound will play after time specified in array element:

  1. Start delay

  2. Play[1]

  3. Wait[1]

  4. Play[2]

  5. Wait[2]

  6. Repeats as above until: Finally call On Play Complete event.

As always, I am open to feedback and suggestions for this package. If you find any bugs or optimisations please let me know as part of this thread.

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