Player get stuck on spawning [fixed]

this has happened a couple of times, and today it happened to me and another player. When starting the game Pinball Panic and spawning, the game does not respond to user input. You can’t move for the duration of the game. It is still possible to do emotes though.

Very strange, because in the preview mode in the editor this problem does not happen. Since we can’t see the logs for the live mode it’s quite hard to figure out what is wrong.


Thanks for posting this, we’ll try taking a look internally and will see if we can work out what’s going on there.

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Any update, happened to me today again.

We haven’t managed to track it down ourselves yet :frowning:

How frequently does it happento you?

Whenever someone else is playing the game already. Then the second person can’t move.

Ah ok - hopefully that’ll help us to narrow it downt thanks :+1:

Problem was solved (by you). Turned out to be a bug caused by a forgotten script that actually worked as intended. Oops :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Eh, it also showed a way that the package could misbehave unexpectedly, so a fix has been put in there too. We got there in the end! \o/

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