Player grip cuff not working

Hi, setting the player grip type to cuff doesn’t work.

One question, the cuff grip is the same as the idle player animation, do i remember that correctly?

I think the cuff grip broke with the manteling update iirc.

If it is fixed, i wanted to ask if you guys could make it also display that holographic interface like in the idle animation because that grip didn’t show that previously.

This bug is still occuring. When ppl are afk, this grip is triggered, but setting the grip asset trough SetGrip is doesn’t so anything.

Hi Ya_shi_shi,

Apologies for the delayed response.
I have reported the Cuff Grip issue to our internal team for additional investigation.

Thank you for your bug report and your continued patience on the matter.

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It’s still there, however I have seen a video from AdamO today that it seems to be solved in a newer version. When will it go live?

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Bug fixes that you see U2G staff mention as fixed are always contained in the next update, which will happen soon. Stay tuned on discord for announcements of upcoming updates.

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