Player movement issues on user cameras with pitch

The up and down movement for the player entity is scaled down depending on the user camera pitch and is disabled entirely if the camera has -90 pitch as example.

Hello Ya_shi_shi,

I’m looking into this issue and had a couple of questions. First, when you say that movement for the player entity is scaled down, do you mean that the player moves slower with different pitch angles? I was still able to move the character even after setting a -90 pitch on the camera. Are you using a custom camera?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Yes, the player movement speed when holding the stick up and down is scaled down.

Initially this bug affected the player entity when using the orbit mode and custom cameras. But a couple of months ago, it was “fixed” for the orbit mode camera by limiting the pitch to -89.9 to 89.9 pitch (it’s not a real fix, but it prevented the player being locked to moving only left and right because -90 pitch would scale up and down movement to zero). A few weeks ago it was properly fixed for orbit mode (but that -89.9 to 89.9 limitation wasn’t lifted), but i tested it on a custom camera and it seems unaffected by the recent orbit mode fix. So having a custom camera with -90 deg pitch disables moving up and down and everything between -90 and 0 scales it down.

I see. Again, thank you for the clarification. The team has been notified and is looking into this!