Player Name Show On Trigger - Show the player name when players enter a trigger area

I just released the “PlayerNameShowOnTrigger” package.

It is an easy to use script and widget, so you can show a player’s name when this player enters a trigger. Useful when you want a player to be the “chosen one”, and you want all users to know who this player is.

This script announces the same name to all players (it refreshes all players’ widgets).



- Add a trigger.
- Add a PlayerNameLocator, and attach PlayerNameWidget and PlayerNameScript to it.
- Move PlayerNameLocator, rotate PlayerNameWidget and set its properties to show the widget where you want (screen, world, etc.), size, ...
- Set trigger->OnTriggerEnter event to PlayerNameLocator > PlayerNameScript > OnUserEnter
- Set trigger->OnTriggerExit event to PlayerNameLocator > PlayerNameScript > OnUserLeave


- OnUserEnter sends to all clients the "OnUserEnterPerClient" event, with the player that entered the trigger.
- The PlayerNameScript calls the ShowName function in the PlayerNameUIWidget, and the widget prints the name.
- Same logic with OnUserLeave.

Works great, we use it in Pinball Panic to glorify the course’s winners. Thanks Heedrox!