Player Tag-Health different for 2 teams

Really powerful and useful package, built by Wes (and also Slaying was helping me with it)

This is an essential package to be used in multiplayer games, you can have it so players on your team will always have a blue name badge and the enemy team will always be red. This way you never have to worry about seeing what team you’re on when the team order shuffles every round, you just need to know that you always have to shoot the red team (The colours can be changed in the properties to suit your game:

You can use words like “red”, “blue”, “cyan”, or hex codes - #fff, #000 or rgb or rgba codes - rgb(255,0,0) - rgba(255,0,0,0.5) to choose what colours you want in your game.

Another added feature is that you can adjust the size of each teams widget, I needed this for a death run game where each team are always a distance away from each other. I wanted the enemy widget to be large so you could see it from far away, and the friendly icons to be small as they could be next to you, this can be adjusted in the picture below:
It’s hardcoded in the package but you can change the 0.5 to whatever you like (0.5 = 50%, 1 = 100%)

Set up is just delete the Overhead Script folder from the player (or not if you don’t have one), and drag the ‘PlayerOverHeadEnemyFolder’ onto the Player from this package. Then just set up the colours and select the settings in the properties or size in the script as required.