Playing sounds are interrupting each other

Having a game with background music and playing short soundeffects interrupt the background music or reduce the sound of it.

Hello Ya_shi_shi,

I tested this and was not able to reproduce. If possible, can you provide any additional details about the conditions where you encountered this issue? Such as how many sound effects were playing (looping and one-shot) and whether the sounds were 2d/3d?

Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Crayta Basketball reduces the volume of the background sound whenever a VO is played (whenever someone on the map throws a point, there is a voice counting consecutive hits). Have to recheck which scenario lead to those interrupts, i think it makes a difference depending on sound type (bg music/sound effect) and where both sounds are played (server/client).

EDT.: Ok, i tried the “Something is after me too” sound. I placed two sound entities with some distance to each other. I disabled ranges and 3D in both sound entities and moving between them made the sound restart a couple of times.

I was able to reproduce this behavior. I will notify the team. Thank you for the detailed reply!

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Hmm, i just wanted to suggest adding a feature similar to the order of widgets.

Imagine we could set “layers” and “orders”. So sounds in layer 1 don’t affect sounds in layer 2 and layer 2 doesn’t affect layer 1. The order would only affect two sounds that are in the same layer. If one of them has a higher order, it interrupts all lower order sounds in the same layer. If two sounds are in the same layer and same order, they just play both without canceling each other.

This is fixed for the PlaySound function since groups are a thing, but sound entities with the same sound asset still interrupt eachother.