Please fix the way you earn xp!

Hello there,

Yesterday I finally played this game for the first time. After a couple of hours I decided to buy the deluxe edition which includes the new battle pass. I had a blast playing and discovering new games. Untill this afternoon.

I love the daily creator’s challenge mechanic to earn xp. It encourages you to keep discovering new games and keeps you playing. This afternoon, after I took a one hour break, I noticed that the rewards I got drastically decreased. I didn’t know what happened, thought it was a bug. I created a post on reddit to get some answers. There I found out I hit the weekly cap.

After inspecting some challenges I found out every award had a times 0.1 (that’s 10% of original reward!) penalty because I hit the weekly xp cap. That’s a massive penalty. It’s nearly impossible to level up now since some challenges take around 30 minutes to complete for a reward of 90 xp. That’s less than nothing.

I can’t fathom why on earth this penalty is so huge. It discourages people from actually playing the game, since there is no other way to earn xp. And for a new game like crayta (this game needs its community to be a success), this is devastating. I know it resets every Monday (according to reddit), but until then I have almost no incentive to play and discover anymore.

I spent actual money on this game so it’s a shame I won’t see a full return. I don’t think I can actually complete the battle pass right now and it only started 18 days ago with still 53 days to go. Players who buy it in a couple of weeks, thinking they can complete it, won’t even have a chance to do so. Even if they play day and night. Games that also have a battle pass, like fortnite or apex legends, have weekly challenges that stack every week. That way when you’re late in buying the battle pass you have no problem completing it, if you put some time in playing the game.

I get why the xp cap is there. To prevent players from grinding the battle pass immediately. But this is not the right way to do so. I have a couple of ideas to fix this.

Firstly they can have a penalty of times 0.5 for each challenge when you reach the weekly xp cap instead of times 0.1. That way you won’t complete the battle pass that quickly, without destroying the rewards you get. This way you have enough incentive to discover and play new games.
Secondly you get xp simply by playing/creating. This encourages you to play your favorite games or building the game of your dreams, without risking not completing the battle pass.

This game has so much potential, but right now the leveling sucks! I really hope they take another look at the way you gain xp!