Post apocalypse buildings - Living city jam

Stadia/EGS Name: Tumbak7
Contributors: Tumbak7
Package Name: Post apocalyptic buildings
Package Description: 25 templates highly detailed and super low on entities to build a post apocalyptic city full of life and nature.
Share link: Crayta

What looks like a dead and abandoned city, is quite the opposite. Life and nature return to their rightful place, gobbling up the remains of the city and transforming it into a true living city.

Installation instructions

*- Install the package “Post Apocalyptic Buildings” by Tumbak7
*-All the buildings will be in the template list, starting with “livingcity
*-Drag and drop.
*-This package has inside a simple door script package to make the doors usable.

It has 25 templates to help you building many different worls. You can use it for creating a post apocalyptic city, or maybe some ruined buildings inside the forest.

Some of the buildings are accesible and you can go inside or explore their roof, some others are more oriented as decoration (skyline).

You can use different sides of every building, that way you can decorate your map in a less repetitive way, for example, the skyline ones. If you rotate it or “sink” it into the floor, you can have many different ones.

Also, by modifying the texture of the voxels and a couple of meshes you can easily make it even more customized.

All buildings have been designed by focusing on low entities count, that way you can add it to any game. The full package has around 830 and most of the templates have like 20-40 or so, even the big ones!

I recommend you to use the templates with “fern” voxel on floor, it fits super cool with many of the buildings!

Some photos of the package:

SOME EXAMPLES OF THE SHOWCASE (I recommend you to visit it, many tips there)
Link: Crayta


Very nice :slight_smile: I pla,nend to do that too. But I’ve been too lazy lol. well done !

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Great idea Tumbak, very impressive. It looks unique.

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Looks amazing! Great work.

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