Prize Fund Games

Hello there Crayta!

I have a little doubt about the games that can win the prize fund.

I was looking new games to play on Crayta to support the creators and see that there is a game that is running its own competition (I dont remenber the exact amount). Can games win the prize fund if they are doing this? Because is like an indirect way to pay users to play your game and have more visibility.

Just for the record I’m not agains the game and the creator, I’ve played and It was fantastic but it is unfair to the rest of the creators in my opinion. Im not going to judge anyone for that if It’s possible to win like that. I just want to know because I will not support this games.

Interesting point, Mila. Good to read you share your , thoughts here, and I do think I know what you mean.

In fact, a couple of days ago I was feeling like, the only possible way I’d get new players again, was by also offering a prize. A competing prize, of course, so I could feel my wallet shrinking in my back pocket.

The strange thing is the perceived effects of such a reward, a seemingly significant proportion of players more daily, than any of the other active games. Is that an actual effect or just a placebo? I don’t know :man_shrugging:t3:

Personally, I didn’t add a cash prize, cause it is too much of a hassle. Took the fun out of working on my game then, tbh.

On the plus side: Quite relevant, but today Unit2Games surprised us during the Dark Circus event with new (daily) incentive/reward system to use in our games.

Curious to see the effects of that, and the effects of all those new spooky assets of course. :wink::smirk:

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