Procedural Trees [Living City Build Jam]

Plant a TreeGenerator anywhere in your world and watch a beautiful tree grow in real-time. Highly customizable, easy to understand and fully documented source code.

Install the package from the community tab by searching for “trees”:

From your templates tab, simply drag and drop one more “TreeGenerator” templates anywhere in your world:

And watch them grow:

You can change the look and gow behavior of the tree generator by changing these script properties to your liking:

  • MaxSteps: The height of the tree
  • GrowSpeed: The rate at which the tree grows
  • Seed: Random seed for the tree. 0 will produce a different tree each time. Other values allow you to reproduce the same tree.
  • StumpVoxel: The voxel asset used for the main branch / stump
  • BranchVoxel: The voxel asset used for all the branches
  • LeaveVoxel: The voxel asset used for the leaves of the tree
  • FruitVoxel: The voxel asset for optional fruit or dressing on the tree (e.g. shiny red apples)
  • TreeTopVoxel: The voxel asset for optional tree top (e.g. snow covered)

Have fun. Feedback or questions welcome.