Project hero

Welcome to Project Hero, we are dedicated to recreate the great heroes of the stories with their skills and experiences to create the best robot soldier, but first we have to test it. In this simulation you will have to control a robot simulating a hero to see its capabilities in combat in this test field that we have created.

  • Play 5 vs 5 matches, you can be the RED TEAM or the BLUE TEAM
  • Each round lasts 5 minutes so don’t waste your time
  • Capture the points before the time runs out, the winning team is the one who captures all the points or who captures more points before the time runs out
  • At the beginning and during the game, you can change heroes to completely change your play style
  • At the end of each game, the best players will be rewarded according to their role in the game

  • W, A, S and D for the movement
  • Left Click to shoot and Right Click to aim
  • R to reload and Spacebar to jump
  • C to crouch Left Shift to sprint
  • 1 and 2 to change your weapons
  • Q to use the ultimate skill
  • E to watch the scoreboard

Doc is the support that keeps the team alive. He can heal and resurrect his teammates with his healing staff.

Sniper is equipped with whatever it takes to eliminate her targets with her powerful sniper rifle and her great marksmanship.
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Juggernaut acts as a central anchor point for his team and defends his comrades from the front line with a protective barrier. He can attack from long distance with the canon and the machine gun.
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Raider soar through the skies with his jetpack and armed with a submachine that is lethal at close range. In addition, he has machete to make the enemies disappear.
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Guardian has an arsenal of weapons and experimental devices that he uses to keep his allies alive and to eliminate threats under pressure with his shotgun.
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Assault is equipped with high-tech weaponry such as an experimental pulse rifle, a missile launcher and grenades, is capable of bringing chaos to the battlefield.
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                               AsTiger - Game Designer 
                               Denior - Environment Artist
                               JusGoat - Level Designer 
                               Raidani - UI Designer 
                               Unairf - Lua master


                               KarstSkarn - throwables, score tracking, health pickups and doors