Proximity Sensor and Pickup Vacuum

This script sucks, or your money back, guaranteed!

How many times have you needed to trigger something based on how far away your player is? A billion times, right? Exactly one billion, I’m sure of it.

So here comes this script to save you the heartbreak of having to put it together yourself.

Attach a ProximitySensor to your players, and at a distance you define it’ll start telling entities within that distance who have a script with a ProximityUpdate() function both the distance and player entity who triggered it.

A few basic examples are included:

ProximityBurner is a candle whose flame gets bigger the closer the player gets.

ProximityRiser is a box that raises up the closer the player gets.

ProximityBeeper beeps at an increasing pitch and rate as players get closer, as well as flashes each time it happens.

You can easily imagine how one might combine the latter two to create a pickup that makes itself more visible to the player as they get close, perhaps useful if you’re doing some sort of treasure hunt?

The other big part is the Pickup Vacuum

This uses an invisible NPC to run a pickup to the player, if they get close enough to it. Includes a bunch of ways to easily plug in other events, effects, and sounds, including a demo version who shows off most of its functions.

It’s one thing to get treasure, but your players will enjoy it a lot more if you make the experience of acquiring that treasure as juicy as possible! Toss effects and sounds and stuff to make it look awesome :slight_smile:

Any questions, always feel free to reach out and ask!