Puzzle Locks package [Jam]

Puzzle Locks package

WELCOME to the package guide for the Puzzle Locks. Before you start reading, make sure to visit the showcase world for this package, find the url at the end of this guide :hugs:. Thanks!

This package I made to help all creators that want to make puzzle games or treasure adventures. The templates have everything you need to design versatile and engaging puzzle mechanics, to fit the mood of your game.

The mechanic
In your level the player faces many obstructions / obstacles. Only if the player can find the item or key to clear the path, they can continue on to the next level.
This mechanic is quite fun to design, but also to play through. And the possibilities are endless.

Before you start
To pick up the keys, the Crayta Inventory package has to be installed.
If you want helpful prompts, the Crayta Prompts package should be installed.
Also the Crayta Notifications package should be installed if you want these messages.

How to use
Place a puzzle lock template in your level (drag and drop). Change the position of the key, making it a nice challenge to find the key and beat he level.

That is it. Now it works, no scripting, properties or anything, the templates is designed to be self-contained :D.

Fun, now you can get back to designing your game more! Chain new environments together, by adding a puzzle lock + key to get to the next one.

Package contents
The Puzzle Locks package has two types of templates.

Type 1 are the ‘Locked Templates’, like a door that stays locked until the key has been found:

  • Puzzle Door
  • Puzzle Pirate Door
  • Puzzle Treasure Chest

Type 2 are ‘Hidden Key’ templates. These show some fun / interesting ways to design your puzzle:

  • Puzzle Hidden Key in Barrel
  • Puzzle Hidden Key in Coconut
  • Puzzle Hidden Map

Adding variations
Changing things up in the puzzle locks design can keep the game looking cool, and feel more interesting. Changing the templates is easy, for example you can:

* Use any of Crayta's meshes in the Locked Template.
* Change the sound that plays when a door unlocks.
* Customize the notifications a player gets 
* Dress up the locked door with other meshes (kit bashing)
* Scale some doors (smaller or much bigger for effect)
* Hide the door in plain sight, find the key AND the door
* Make custom Keys, easiest is to duplicate the Key template, then changing the key mesh to whatever you want, and changing the name as well. 
* The showcase world has an example of this --> The Treasure chest only opens if you are holding the 'Treasure map'.
* You can add 'special / rare' keys that opens a door later on in the game.

If you run into anything or are unsure with the Puzzle Locks package, please let me know here, or on the Crayta Discord server.

Puzzle Lock Package uses the following Community Packages/Scripts (edited by me):
Inventory Requirements Filter
Playing Scripts & Simple Animation Script - by AdamO the kingpin of packages


more info here:

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