Describe your feature request here as clearly as possible, and explain why you’d like to see this added to Crayta:

I wrote my own global Quaternion type with Quaternions slerp etc and added some npcs to my game. However i had to write my own PlayTimeline function that plays timelines with slerp and quaternions as arguments. This is quite performance heavy, so having npcs with 10 sockets and animating those is really painful for the performance. I am currently reaching like 15-20 fps when using 103 npc dummies and think this could be improved further with built-in quaternion support and a quaternion timeline written in C++.

On top of this, playing timelines/animations with PlayTimeline (even with my custom Quaternion based one) bug out the output position if the pitch of a rotation is ±90, so using Quaternions as foundation (without converting back and forth between Quaternions and Euler-Rotations) would also get rid of this issue.


I was trying to build a planes games , but left it by now because of ‘rotations’ +1 for this feature

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