Quick messages with keyboard

Just look for “Quick Message”, Install and drag and drop under User template:

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  1. Look for “Quick message”

  2. Click on ‘Install’ button

  3. Drag and drop ‘QuickChat with keyboard’ folder on Templates Tab under User template
    image|523x500, 75%](upload://9kowggBKfdLAmf6prMbwMKPVMmX.jpeg)
    image|640x330, 75%](upload://wBXU66bvfCAIuNdYPYNQxgU7oas.png)
    image|517x471, 75%](upload://dsDqKuFGGO4oAXqd4XU7IRGFF06.png)

  4. This is how it should look:

  5. Keep in mind that the Quick Messages pack needs a system to deliver the message to the end user (it uses the ‘Shout’ event)… The best known and most used is Crayta’s ?Notifications (100% compatible) , but there are many more. Proceed in the same way to install the notification pack.
    image|463x489, 50%](upload://z8TBX46wfoY2f1ZvGU4stqOZMRk.jpeg)

How to use:

  1. Use the key binded to show or hide the message interface
  2. When you hover the cursor over the icon, users will be shown
  3. Click on desired user (or ALL)
  4. Select the message . If CUSTOM, keyboard will be shown. Click on keys and SEND

You can hide on every moment the interface with key binded or clicking outside interface area


  • trgButton: Check Crayta documentation to change the name of the button binded to show the interface, by default is ‘extra2’
  • centralImage: preloaded icons to customize the interface. Try them
  • enableCustom: If enabled, users will be allowed to use the keyboard to send customized messages
  • removeSelfUser: just hide the owner from interface
  • eventSent: You can add an event which will be sent, every time someone sends a message
  • colors for user boxes and message boxes: (you can pick color and transparency)
    image|690x229, 75%](upload://gXIwaNvw7JIyslIyUlTcPVQaORg.jpeg)
  • widgetName: Maybe you want to change the name of the widget or customize it fully.(Internal use, if wrong name an error will be produced)
  • testingTable: You can use this testing table when you are alone in the game and need to test the package. Up to 19 users will be ‘added’ to the game
  • addAllUsers: If enabled, users will be ableto send messages to all users at the same time
  • toAllMessageBox: Custom message shown on the ALL box if enabled ‘addAllUsers’ (Maybe you would like to change it by ‘Spam’ or ‘Shout to All’…)
  • MessagesSent: This is what will be sent. {1} is sender (user name) and {2} is message
  • MessageTable: Preloaded messages to be used. First of them is ‘CUSTOM’. This is for using the keyboard (Maybe you want to write here ‘keyboard’…)

Inside the widget [SR_UI_Menu_v3] you have a few variables to customize even more. Be careful and remember default values :wink:

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