Quick Time Events

Quick Time Events v1.0

This package will allow you to place quick time events in your game that will require the player to press 2 keys at the same time quickly in order to avoid punishment(keyboard or gamepad). Once a player enters the QTETrigger, the sequence starts. The QTECamera is used to give a more dramatic feel to the QTE sequence, so place it well, and player input is locked so the player can’t move. By default, the player is killed and respawned if he fails to complete the QTE sequence, and he is transported to a locator if he succeeds in completing the QTE sequence. You can disable this default behavior and take advantage of the events that can be broadcast: an event can be broadcast when the QTE sequence starts and when either the QTE sequence is a success or a failure. The user concerned is sent with the event as an argument. These events are broadcast both client and server side so that for example you can play any number of sounds, display your own widgets, remove health from players when they fail the QTE instead of killing them, etc…

How to install:


The package comes with 2 templates:

  • QTE is the main template which contains the camera and the trigger. You can place as many as you want anywhere in your game. All the configurable options are on this entity.
  • QTEUser must be attached to your user template.

How to configure:

The QTEKeys script property allows you to setup a list of inputs from which two random keys will be chosen for the QTE sequence. Add or remove from this list as you want to. Take note that extra4 and extra5 are not in this list because on a gamepad they correspond to d-pad left and right so it is impossible to press these 2 keys at the same time on a gamepad.

Most script properties are self explanatory and the tooltips provide more information. You can setup the ReactionTime in seconds that the player will have to react: 2 seconds is hard mode and 4 seconds is a lot easier. You can change various sound options and decide if you want to kill and respawn the player or rather broadcast your own events to trigger your own logic for success and failure.

If you see the following “Missing Entity” :

You just have to place locators where you want them in the world then drag and drop them from the hierarchy to these script properties.