Rag doll goes haywire if dead player switches cameras

If a player goes into a dead state and enters rag doll - if they are moving forward when they die and the camera switches to another player for spectating, the rag doll flies off the map.

Steps to reproduce:
Have 2 players.
Player 1 runs forward.
Player 2 kills Player 1.
Switch Player 1 camera to Player 2
Body is yeeted into the ether.

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Platform: PC / Stadia (both)
Crayta username: DryCoast
Game seen in: Angels vs Demons (before removing kill cam)
Time + date seen: 19 March 2021
(PC only) hardware specs: N/A

Hi Dry_Coast,

Thank you for the in-depth bug report.
I have submitted a ticket with the ragdoll issue you’ve encountered to our internal team for investigation.