RagDoll On Leg Hit

Ragdoll On Leg Hit
This is a package I copied this from a Crayta Stream starting here: Improved Combat Deep Dive! - YouTube It talks about it from 35:44 - 47:47

What this package does is lets you select parts of the player, that when shot causes twice as much damage and ragdolls the player so that they have the dying animation for a couple of seconds before standing back up.

Think of a movie where someone is shot in the leg, it doesn’t kill them but knocks them off their feet, this is what this package does.

Set up is pretty easy, the package just includes 3 scripts.
Just rewrite over the old scripts for damageCritScript, gunScript and healthScript with the new scripts from this new package with the same name but with the word RagDoll after.

I find it easier to open all the scripts up on the top bar. Then copy and pasting from one script to the other. Using Ctrl A to select all, then Ctrl C to copy and finally Ctrl and V to paste

Once you’ve done that, add a couple of extra damageCritScripts to Head Crit on the Player Template. Then set up the body part and On Hit like in the picture below:

I have a Body Part of LeftLeg and another script for RightLeg but you can include any of the body parts you need like Left foot or Right foot

Any issues you’d be better off checking with the YouTube video but feel free to message me.

#Updated - Added a couple of extra lines and updated the package to enable one shot head kills.
This is how you need the properties setup: