Random Crashes editing or playing game jam submission

Describe the bug: We have a lot of (seemingly random) Crashes in our build jam game on Stadia. These crashes do not appear when playing in Epic. Therefore, I cannot produce any logs of what’s happening. It is really annoying and it made developing a pain and it can be also very disappointing when playing the game. Sometimes we notice random appearing seemingly wrong voxels, which is an indicator that it will crash soon. When it crashes, it freezes the Stadia VM and you cannot connect to any Stadia game for 15 seconds up to 5 minutes. I think this is a serious bug. I do not rule out, it is caused by something in our game, but we do not have the logs or tools to debug it. And it is probably not a general game design error, since the crashes do not seem to appear in Epic.

How do you cause this bug?
Edit or play Crayta using Stadia. At a random amount of time and a random action (many times when turning around quickly, but also when not moving at all or or in the Crayta menu screen) the game will eventually crash, becoming unresponsive and then Stadia is blocked trying to connect.
The game just ends:

When trying to open it again, it is stuck for a long time with “checking your connection”

eventually, after a couple of minutes this popup shows:

And when you retry, you will still be stuck longer, sometimes showing the Reopen game popup several times before you can get back into Crayta.

Which platform: Stadia

Which input: Controller / keyboard + mouse - happens with any input

Your Crayta username: Daystiny#1423

Game seen in : Dream Co - The Metaverse experience, both in play and edit mode

How regularly do you see this? very regularly, sometimes in the first minute, sometimes after 2, 5, … minutes

Time + date seen: We have this issue for a week now, first we thought it was a problem in edit mode, but it happens as well in the published game. It may have occurred after adding or unlinking / removing packages.

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Hi Daystiny,

This is a known issue with the game running on Stadia, we are looking into the issue, but there is no ETA.