Realistic Medieval Castle Kit

Inspired by Bodiam Castle in England.

  • Including a huge gate building with several floors, rooms and battlement. A portcullis drawbridge that can be opened with the lever inside the building.
  • 2 types of octagonal towers with several floors, staircase, fireplace and battlement.
  • Castle walls with battlement.
  • Indoor decorations, wall sconces and braziers with fire and lights (Thanks to SBB Dungeon Ruins and Lighting package)


  • Go to community tab and search Realistic Medieval Castle Kit and install the package.
  • Go back to Library - Packages and drop down the installed package, it will be the last one in the list.
  • Scroll down and find the template that you want from the assets list, one of these:
    • Castle Tower Big 1
    • Castle Tower Big 2
    • Castle Tower Small 1
    • Castle Tower Small 2
    • Medieval Castle Wall
    • Medieval Castle Gate Building
    • Realistic Medieval Castle (the whole showcase terrain)
  • Drag and Drop the template that you have selected into your game

Update 8/7/2022 :

  • Redesigned the whole staircases and hugely reduced the amount of entities
  • Added doors for each castle tower
  • Removed the package dependencies
  • Made a new script for a better looping sounds mechanism for fireplace sound
  • Edited the locator for big towers for better placement
  • Some small edits on the voxel meshes

Showcase game: