Code by KarstSkarn#7993
Art by JusGoat

Rendition is a randomly generated platform game in which you must climb structures and scaffolding trying to get as far as possible.

The level is scrolling and it will get faster and faster! The only way to slow it down is to pick up the various pickupables in the shape of a clock that will appear randomly.

But be careful! You will be under a constant bombardment of objects that will destroy the structures through which you must pass, so you must be quick and careful.

If you fall too far behind a sweep that destroys everything in its path will finish you off! Likewise, if you fall from the platforms into the void you will have lost. But… all is not lost, right?

As long as there is a player left on them you can reappear on special platforms that appear every so often and you can continue the game! However, if you all fall, the game will be over!

You can play cooperatively or you can annoy each other! There are no rules!

Game Specifications

  • You can play singleplayer, the maximum number of players is 6.
  • Supports entering in the middle of a game (Late-joining) or exiting before the end of the game without causing any sort of problems.
  • Features a leaderboard with the longest distances ever achieved!
  • A variety of challenges are available!
  • The game is fast paced with no loading times.

Quick Guide

There are two types of pickupables; one is box-shaped and the other is clock-shaped.

The box-shaped ones will grant you extra emergency platforms; these platforms can be spawned at any time but beware! Don’t block the way to your friends! Likewise, you can all step on each other’s platforms so you can collaborate to reach hard to reach places!

Don’t stay too long on them though! They will disappear after a few seconds and fall into the void!

The pickupables in the shape of a clock slightly slow down the speed at which the level progresses, giving you a break and allowing you to go further.

Make sure you know where you want to go before you jump! Structures can be badly damaged due to the incessant bombardment of objects, sometimes making the use of platforms essential!

There are different types of platforms, most of them are static and are simply rigid structures. But there are some that oscillate in height and some others that sink when stepped on!

If you go too far ahead, you run the risk of falling into the void because the platforms have not yet appeared! If you stay too far behind you will be caught by the sweep that destroys everything in its path and you will lose!

You have both Crayta’s control scheme and built-in help as well as an in-game help panel that you can consult at any time. To view it simply press [R] on your computer! (For control schemes on other devices, tacticles or controllers see the Crayta control scheme).

Creator’s Note

We had a lot of fun with this game. Honestly, we wanted to check and test how flexible the physics and even the graphical effects of Crayta can be.

We want to include more variety of platforms with new and better mechanics in the near future. As well as increasing new pickupables that allow the player to make new strategies to advance in the level.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed making it!

Also if you find any bugs, malfunctions or want to bring any ideas or changes to the game we will be happy to hear from you!

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Post-Feedback Friday Patch Notes

After the wonderful feedback you’all gave us the last Feedback Friday we corrected many glitches and improved some things!

  • The game now features an in-game help panel.
  • Respawn glitches are now corrected.
  • Crayta integrated help and control scheme been improved.
  • Late-joining related glitches are now corrected (Hopefully!).
  • The monochromatic effect is now drastically reduced to avoid being too dark or too monochromatic.
  • The height where some platforms spawn is now more balanced therefore easier to jump to.
  • The initial scrolling speed is now faster in order to increase game difficulty.
  • Respawn and dead sounds been improved.
  • Widget/UI transitions been improved.
  • Level borders opacity / brightness has been corrected.
  • Minor internal optimizations.

If you find any glitch or you think there’s something wrong don’t hesitate to contact me! I’ll fix it as soon as possible!