(Request Filled) Controllable Remote Turret

I used to play a game called Time Splitter 2 and they had this remote turret system that felt really great.

So you start in a base with computers,

If you interact with one of these computers you can control a gun that’s attached to a camera. You can shoot at incoming enemy players without the risk of being shot yourself.

Of course if you don’t manage to kill them, then they can enter the base and you’ll have to fight them in person.

The enemy player can also destroy out the gun turret by shooting it:

If the player interacts with a computer connected to destroyed turret then they’ll get an error message telling them the turret isn’t functional.

Also the player should be able to destroy the computer so no one can interact with it

#This request was very kindly completed by Varun - How To Use Varun's Controllable Turret Weapon Creator #


i made one too, so you ll get two options :sweat_smile:

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Oh awesome, thank you. I’ll look forward to playing with this one as well then.

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